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Schneier: AI will enable a shift from observing actions to interpreting intentions, en masse.

Benj Edwards - 12/5/2023, 8:53 PM

In an editorial for Slate published Monday, renowned security researcher Bruce Schneier warned that AI models may enable a new era of mass spying, allowing companies and governments to automate the process of analyzing and summarizing large volumes of conversation data, fundamentally lowering barriers to spying activities that currently require human labor.


UEFIs booting Windows and Linux devices can be hacked by malicious logo images.

Dan Goodin - 12/6/2023, 3:02 PM


Insider report details clash over one board member's criticism in an academic paper.

Kyle Orland - 12/5/2023, 9:31 PM

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I don't see how you can possibly play Stellaris outside of turbo speed setting.

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What have you done???

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Anti-rape device

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No, you're cosplaying a patron to leonardo davinci working on his magnum opus. To be unveiled any day now.


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Checkmate climate scientists


The priest’s data has been obtained from commercially available databases

TLDR: $4 million, and 52 weeks of data for a catholic organization to out the "sinner". A dragnet search, not checking him specifically.

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Article basically says they talked to the sheriff in private who told them "he asked for and received the porn on purpose". Don't know how a PR person is supposed to spin that.

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Show them you care more about what they say than how they say it.

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What is uploaded to the internet stays on the internet. For analysis by random people until there ceases to be an internet.

GOP mayor dies by suicide after cross-dressing revealed by rightwing site

Edit01: This story is associated with a lot of different topics. It is posted here because I see it as primarily someone who wanted to keep an aspect of their digital life private.

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Don’t know shit about this person, but 1819 news is a right wing shit hole. I wouldn’t trust these assholes to report the weather.

It's just a regular doxing article. Showing the mayor's cross dressing photos and all the related linked accounts. Completely fucked up without the "public official" exemption for privacy.

  • Pakistan launched its second nationwide anti-polio campaign of the year, aiming to inoculate 44 million children under 5 years old, as the country nears eradicating the disease.
  • Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul-Haq-Kakar urged parents to cooperate with the 350,000 health workers going door-to-door to administer vaccine drops. This campaign follows previous attacks on vaccine providers and police assigned to protect them.
  • Pakistan and Afghanistan are the only two countries where polio continues to threaten children, and the recent cases reported this year were from the border region with Afghanistan.


  • "Left leaning sources" emphasize Pakistan's efforts and previous successes against polio.
  • "Center leaning sources" note the campaign's security measures and parental collaboration.
  • "Right leaning sources" point out past attacks on vaccine providers.

Insights by Ground AI

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Or cops: We're seeking an apple computer, MAC address xxxxxxxxx

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They were literally elected saying they were going to piss off all the "politicians" and that was their only goal. And they won.

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And of course if it was false they would put out a statement, instead NASA just says "we can find no documents to corroborate this, and can neither confirm or deny any classified documents we do have"

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All praise Mr. Robot

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I'm an idiot. Can somebody please explain "Roman Bimbofication"? Is it like only looking at the sexiest parts of the roman empire?

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