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Well he does post a lot of his dumb attempts lol.

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It's all from the sovcit groups I belong to on Facebook.

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Some people just like to complain

[-] BonesOfTheMoon@lemmy.world 6 points 11 hours ago

Isn't it satisfying?

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A bill for 9 million. I'm sure it could have been made with crayons as well.

[-] BonesOfTheMoon@lemmy.world 9 points 11 hours ago

My lawyer friend does. One of them sent his court a 9 million dollar bill last week lol.

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Republicans are psychotic. Yes they must be Republican.

[-] BonesOfTheMoon@lemmy.world 9 points 12 hours ago

Aren't they funny?

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I'll follow you around and upvote you.

[-] BonesOfTheMoon@lemmy.world 6 points 13 hours ago

lOl nothing every works for them

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There was this psycho mommy blogger in the aughts who had an unsupervised pregnancy without any medical care, and she went into early labor around 7 months and of course went running to the hospital, despite ranting about how bad hospitals are for birth, and the doctor immediately discovered the fetus had sirenomelia,which is a condition where the legs are formed only as one boneless limb (they look like a mermaid) which was in breech presentation, which would be impossible to birth vaginally, and told her she needed an emergency C-section. Part of the condition is that the fetus has no kidneys and usually heart and lung defects and is not ever going to live, so baby died within a short time of birth, of course. It was super tragic, but as she was a narcissist and went into defensive mode, she claimed she was happy she had no ultrasounds or any prenatal care because she got to have her pregnancy in peace, and claimed the hospital had "birth raped' her because they "pushed" her to have a section. It was absolutely insane.

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