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Well .. I don't want to say literally Hitler, but ...

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Also why for fucks sake does firefox do it's own mime type management and does not respect default applications set on system level!

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Ok another US local units are retarded rant: it's called weekEND! why do you start your week at sunday and not monday! Sunday is part of the weekEND!

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/me laughts in 24h clock

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*Man muss aber auch sehn das da ein gewisser new and shiny effekt dabei ist.

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Fun fact: usb uart to audio jack is actually a thing: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1G43QaOnrK1RjSsziq6xptpXaN/win8-10-android-mac-pl2303hxd-usb-uart-ttl-to-2-5mm-audio-jack-serial-adatper-cable.jpg

Some older android phones used the audio jack double duty as a serial debug console, the nexus 5 for example.

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bad news, imassage was not classified a gatekeeper because in europe they have to few users

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Stör-t dich das etwa?

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Linux Tech Tips channel when?

With Emily as the main Host (Comment section goes BRRRRRRR! Don't want to be a mod there xD)

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*They will claim it was Linus fault

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Also people who use pc as a synonyme for windows. fuck those guys and guydedts.

PS. Macs are also PCs as PC describes the hardware and the usecase unrelated to the producer and the installed os.

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Aber du fragst dich warum man dann wenn der sal nach unten gefahren ist man auf gleicher höhe wieder rauskommt. Aber DAS TUST DU GAR NICHT! Du wurdest durch einen klon ersetzt dam deine alten errinerungen angepflanzt wurden: Wenn du schon mal im Kino warst ist dein Orginal längst TOT!

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