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when is the IPO (what is an ipo) happening? i want to see their stock graph fall and jerk off to it

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why 'never' drive high but only 'don't' drive drunk?

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go back to facebook.

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why the fuck do we even allow lobbying. bullshit fake gamified system that no proper country should have

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how about m4a like every other proper country

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why can't you simply foster openness and community god fucking dammit

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fuck it, do gmail next, force me to find a proper provider

who exactly thinks it's good that things are this ephemeral? what's the point of even using and enjoying and getting invested in something when they constantly pull this shit?

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  • when i went to school (in the suburban midwest) they literally specifically said that we weren't allowed to walk to school because it was too dangerous (despite having the zones anyway!)

  • this is america, and as such i have literally never seen schoolchildren walking around near the school. there aren't cute little shops for them to go to nearby, it's grass and mcmansions. you're just sitting there crawling along at 25mph looking at empty sidewalks (if there are even sidewalks...)

  • the low limit also causes drivers to get annoyed and pay less attention (especially since 25 feels SO SLOW on any big road) whereas if they gave people the basic dignity of assuming that they aren't trying to wantonly kill children and that if there were any around, you'd naturally slow out of respect. having the sign makes it seem more authoritarian and obnoxious

  • and perhaps most importantly, before being allowed outside to play at age 3, i was taught to look out for cars because they're pretty dangerous

plus for some reason everyone online seems to get very bitchy and protective about this like yoU WaNt to KiLL chIldReN; no obviously i do not. there's just no reason to pretend like they're darting around the road such that we have to inconvenience our day like this en masse. (just in general, people seem to get very very performatively touchy about ACHKULLY i obey all the speed limits and i am a perfectly incredibly safe driver you are irRreSPnSibLe for not1!!! i'm sorry people keep honking at you and giving you the finger, perhaps speed up a bit.)

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the country would function so much better if we just sent out ballots to everyone to vote on every bill if they want to

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why were they ever allowed to do this? why should the system allow you to gamble on houses?

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fuck why can't i live in europe. almost every day i have the opposite experience where a well meaning midwest person tries to be friendly and my brain just...stalls and does something like this

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i started to read the article and thought 'these are dumb alarmist charges, boys can't even have hobbies anymore', and i read this

The plane crashed into the Los Padres National Forest 35 minutes after take-off. Jacob hiked to the site and recovered the footage. He then uploaded the video entitled "I crashed my airplane" to YouTube on 23 December, which contained a promotion for a wallet company, prosecutors said.

and now i'm totally on their side


like i’m watching blue planet and i’m yelling at the tv!

there’s all these yimmer yammer hand-wavey scientific rigor lines where it’s like ‘we may believe that these animals do on occasion have a base brain-related impulse that allows them to experience feelings somewhat like to those of friendship’ or whatever in the script on top of footage that they then describe as ‘it seems as though these two groups [of fish, different species] are old friends…’ in an almost whimsical manner.

can’t they give them some credit! they have eyes and a face, why is it so insane to think they can’t experience friendship or love or joy just like us? ‘buhhu uhhh its only accurate science if we only observe observable behavior’ why?? you’re neglecting a whole part of any living thing’s experience! inner life can’t be hand waved away! even for a mollusk!

and people loved doing this on reddit as well -- oh actually your cat doesn't understand love or joy or humor, it is simply reacting to the physical warmth of your lap, they don't actually care for you. don't worry, depth and emotion does not exist!


v v ill w 2 colds back to back wanna die miserable 90% of my last 3 weeks of waking hours, little appetite

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a dangerous ruling for the spy cam industry

lollll oh no

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rather than this stupid fucking snip snap game where, instead of, as a user being able to buy into a company that's building a massive, marvelous, library-of-alexandria-core archive of every good show ever made, you're paying into some shitty ephemeral bullshit made by stupid greedy dickheads who have no fucking sense


i get it's a legitimate safety thing to some degree and to certain people but have you considered that i cannot leave my place right now which is why i paid 40 dollars you ess dee for taco bell. which was a legitimate safety thing for myself as well, frankly.

and i totally get it: apartments fucking suck ass. i did this job for years. every single apartment design is absolute dogshit minus maybe 2 or 3 i've seen in my life between 3 cities. buildings will not be laid out, address wise, sequentially at all so finding anywhere is a fucking nightmare, the roads will be dogshit as well, potholes and speedbumps and i'm just trying to do my job and certain dumb complexes will randomly have some address noumbers on like, the back side of the building facing away from the fucking road for some reason??? why??? insane. just a total fucking hell. yes. i understand. but when i did the job i gritted my teeth and figured it out myself. calling the person is an absolute last resort. it's a nightmare but frankly also when i gave up and called the person, waiting around and/or trying to get directions from them was just as annoying. bullshit job. we need high speed tubes connecting everywhere in the city.

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I tried getting season tickets for a local baseball team but the ordering system was quite literally designed for old people and was driving me insane:

there's no actual order page online, just this 'contact us for info!' button where you have to write them a bespoke little email - like, to a person, not just a form to fill out - and I did that and the dude ///called me//// and didn't answer when I tried to call back

why for the love of God take this to the phone?? I emailed them!!! I didn't even want to email them, i wanted to fill out a webpage and put my credit card in! and they throw up all these smarmy sAlEsMaN roadblocks, like jesus man

like is this seriously meant to be like 'oh that's such good customer service' to someone?


On every single professional sports game I’ve ever seen, every single show, every single channel. Isn’t this our fucking money you’re meant to give out should, god forbid, something happen?

Why is it even legal to do this? Blowing this money on CONSTANT, DUMB fucking little fucking cutesy fucking skits, not even trying to fucking pitch anything anymore, just burning money on TV and laughing at us while the fucking lemur does epic bants. it makes me so fucking sick, these people should be chained in the dungeons for the rest of their lives.

It’s illegal to not have car insurance so why the fuck do they think we need to see this constant fucking microwaved vomit fucking garbage every fucking second every fucking show every fucking channel??

thank you


i did not ask for this!! don't pay extra for it and act like you're somehow doing me a fucking favor because now i have to take the day off and practically sit by the fucking door listening for the guy to knock -- cannot fully engage in an activity, wear headphones, shower, etc etc etc.

again, I didn't ask for this!!

these days it's really obnoxious because now it seems like you can't even turn it off? like 10 years ago maybe you could sign into the site and say 'actually please leave at the door'. now it's fucking LOCKED ON. ABSOLUTELY OBNOXIOUS. SHIT!

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At the first college I went to, which I later dropped out of because it was austere, cruel, and awful, I went to a little high school tour day thing. They had a seminar for prospective students; one of the faculty talking had people coming up and asking him questions at the end, in a classroom. This was fairly informal, but it had this stuffy bullshit ‘prestigious,’ ‘serious’ academia vibe like, 'ooh, this school is really tough, gonna be really miserable for you.'

And I asked the speaker at the end, like, ‘So what do computer science majors actually do day to day in classes? Like, what sort of projects do they work on?’ Completely earnestly, because I was curious because I thought it’d be a cool answer. And he literally said to me, ‘That’s really more of a lunchroom question,’ in the most pretentious tone I’ve ever heard in my life. good christ.

And I went to that school! And it was miserable! Honestly, I didn't even fully understand or realize how utterly rude and pretentious this dude was being to me until recently. I thought I was asking a 'silly' question, but NO! NO, absolutely not, it is absolutely a valid question at a college tour day as a little high school kid. And this guy genuinely seemed so offended and put off that I'd dare ask him a silly question, like he was above answering. I genuinely did not have the brainpower at the time to process such an upjumped pretentious moron.

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like I went to taco bell and they didn't even have napkins out. they had the other stuff just no napkins, I assume because some fucking ghoul noticed people liked taking them for their cars so now we just don't get napkins! so they can save $100 per quarter rather than provide the barest minimum quality of life features.

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