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One thing has nothing to do with the other. Hurting one person doesn't help another.

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Ah yes Schrodinger's protest. It is at once not a big deal and at the same time a big deal that will cause change.

Hey just curious, when you were being taught in school to raise awareness did they maybe mention something about how the process of abstraction works? No? Ok, guess it is my job. A =/ B, just because A does not equal B does not mean have nothing in common.

Edit: never mind, just noticed you are using an alt-account. Makes sense now.

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Once again faith in the supernatural is bad for everyone except grifters

[-] afraid_of_zombies@lemmy.world 2 points 1 hour ago

Only if Thomas gets a new boat

[-] afraid_of_zombies@lemmy.world 1 points 1 hour ago

No spreading conspiracy theories makes you a conspiracy theorist. But to be fair that is really just me using your term. I am not sure if spreading the ideas of others should count. More like conspiracy spreader. Maybe try to come up with something that wasn't already boring in the 1960s next time.

Can we wrap this up tonight btw? I have to go spread chemtrails tomorrow, makes the frogs gay you see.

[-] afraid_of_zombies@lemmy.world -1 points 1 hour ago

They just told you. At the politician not in the road like a coward who didn't get enough attention when they were a kid

[-] afraid_of_zombies@lemmy.world -1 points 1 hour ago

Another way of saying bullying. There is a reason why the protestors aren't blocking Sturgis.

Every bully is smart enough to punch down. So they go to places full of people who basically agree with them and wreck their day instead of doing the hard thing and dealing with people who don't agree with them. You think you are being clever but it is just being cowardly.

[-] afraid_of_zombies@lemmy.world -3 points 1 hour ago

Ah yes collective justice. Punish the population for what their government did. Hmm this feels familiar, is something like that happening somewhere else in world right now?

Be wary of fighting monsters, lest you become a monster.

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Local office is pretty much shit. You get yelled at for whatever the crazies saw on TV last night, you can't fix anything, and everyone is angry about something.

Never doing it again.

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If you want to protect democracy maybe don't defend the worst examples of it.

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Ok, so this excuses adding anything to the water doesn’t it? I say we Ozempic because it helps people with diabetes.

non sequitur. Thought you liked logic. A very small percentage of the population is diabetic, all of the population has some level of teeth problems. But I am confident you will bring it up 19 or so more times.

m not talking about acccurately adding fluoride to water, I’m talking about the impossibility of controlling or knowing the fluoride intake of a person when it’s added to tap water, which is not only consumed directly but also indirectly when things are made using fluoridated water.

The amount of water you take in is highly connected to your body weight, one goes up the other goes up. Higher body weight means you need more fluoride to have an issue. The only way to break this is to consume multiple times what the average is for your body weight for long periods of time. So much so I doubt your kidneys would be able to process that much water. But hey you can prove me wrong. Go look up what consumption levels you need for your body weight and how much is in your local supply.

Your last argument amounts to “I don’t give a shit about it’s effects on anything else, it helps my teeth”.

No I mentioned nothing about my teeth. I pointed out a very simple way you could get the information to back up your "argument". Then I mentioned that the place where we should see the biggest issues, in my limited experience, is where we weren't.

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