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yup, just tried that too, and after a reboot, it's working for me too

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ok, so i added this code to my ublock origin filter list, then went to youtube, and the injected ads were still showing up in about half the vids. closed firefox, reopened, same. rebooted my win11 machine, now the injected ads are NOT showing up any longer. not sure if youtube switched it off because they're still beta testing this bullshit or if the code is working but it SEEMS to be working. if it stops i'll come back to edit this comment. thanks for the tip man!

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at least it's not currently spawning an actual video advertisement, so, small blessings, the two injected ads stay static for 10 seconds a piece (makes sense), and if you don't click skip, the first tiers to the second then tiers to the video (was thinking of going pihole but you just confirmed it won't make a difference, if they start injecting autoplay video ads, then it'll be back on my todo list)

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Just got hit with this for the first time, and at first I was like what the fuck is this happening here, I'm running Firefox latest, and UBlock origin latest, never seen this before. Happening for every video, two injected video ads before the video, seem skippable, but i'm not clicking on them. Hope UBlock catches up to this quick, this sucks.


YouTube has been spotted testing server-side ads, which could pose a problem to ad blockers.

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I'm diggin this show. Deep dive Japanese food and culture YouTube are my most recent jam, and this show is all the way in. It's weird and I like it. Rashida, never being my favorite, is doing funny work here. Hope it gets another season.

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Katie Robbins' futuristic mystery drama stars Rashida Jones as an expat in Japan investigating the sudden death of her husband and son with the help of an AI-powered robot.

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well, sure, used one's get the release borking fixed through updates before you get em, makes perfect sense

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I wanna like Pixel, and they look enticing making the jump from Samsung, but every new release is borked somehow, every one, major borkage, battery, software, lenses, cameras, etc. Every single release. Borked. So, I'm probably not going to jump in just yet .... again

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A lot of people are saying he did in fact have sex with a couch

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Nazi trinket? lol.

No one look now but Lemmy, the actual man this entire Reddit clone from whom it's named, was the single largest private owner of Nazi memorabilia in the entire world for years up until he died.


Class action filed over price hikes on plans with Un-contract price guarantee.

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Kevin Feige says the Hugh Jackman's return as Wolverine in 'Deadpool 3" proves that Robert Downey Jr. could come back as Iron Man.

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The High Court in Edinburgh hears how Downing blackmailed a young man into maintaining a sexual relationship by threatening to falsely accuse him of rape.

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