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Cut anything, even diamond (www.youtube.com)
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Today we're looking at an ion milling machine. This instrument accelerates argon particles to high velocities and then slam them into your sample, acting as an atomic sandblaster. The sample is slowly etched due to the transfer of kinetic energy from the argon gas molecules. It can etch literally any material, even diamond!

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Apple Computer Check Signed by Steve Jobs Sells for $46,000::A check signed by former Apple CEO and co-founder Steve Jobs sold for $46,063 at auction this week. Issued by "Apple Computer Company" in...

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This scary AI recognizes passwords by the sound of your typing::British researchers have trained an artificial intelligence to recognize keystrokes by sound. A smartphone placed near a laptop served as the microphone.

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USA Will Invest in High-Speed ​​Train to Fight Climate Change::The USA Will Invest in High-Speed ​​Train to Fight Climate Change - US President Joe Biden announced in a speech on December 9, 2023 that they are carrying out the first high-speed train projects in US history. These projects are across America

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DNA companies should receive the death penalty for getting hacked | TechCrunch::Personal data is the new gold. The recent 23andMe data breach is a stark reminder of a chilling reality -- our most intimate, personal information might

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Warns of $1.3 billion charge for cutting Virtzilla's costs, rapid shift to subs and sales of the whole vStack rather than individual pieces

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Google announces April 2024 shutdown date for Google Podcasts::Does this mean YouTube Podcasts is ready for prime time?

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Credit: u/No-Refrigerator9154

Opening Notes (important stuff, please read)

This configuration of the Stremio app will allow you to stream movies/TV from most devices, with the exception being IOS devices such as the iPhone and iPad. If you want to stream from those devices, this guide is not for you.

You can use this Stremio configuration to stream movies/TV on most other platforms, including Windows, Mac, Android, FireOS (includes Fire Stick and Fire TV), Linux, AndroidTV, and even the Steam Deck.

However, the Stremio setup guide will require that you use a Windows, Mac, Linux, or Android device. Please don't attempt the setup steps on another device.

Additional information for FireOS (includes Fire Stick and Fire TV) and Linux devices is located below the Stremio setup guide, but you need to go through the Stremio setup guide beforehand with a required device (Refer to previous bullet point).

Stremio Setup Guide

Part 1: Stremio

For Windows/Mac users - Go to https://www.stremio.com/ and download the relevant client for your platform

For Android users - Install Stremio through the Google Play Store: Stremio - Apps on Google Play

Open Stremio and sign up with email or Facebook

Part 2: Real Debrid

Go to https://real-debrid.com/

Sign up

Go to Premium Offers

Choose a package and subscribe. I found that using Amazon Pay as the payment method is the most convenient (if you have an Amazon account)

Part 3: Torrentio

Go to Torrentio Lite - Stremio Addon

Towards the bottom of the page, select the "Debrid Provider" option and select "Real Debrid" from the drop-down menu. This will cause a new text box to appear underneath.

Copy the API key from this link https://real-debrid.com/apitoken and paste it into the "RealDebrid API Key**"** box

In the Debrid Options menu: Check the box "Don't show download to debrid links" and leave the other boxes unchecked.

Click "Install" at the bottom. It should open the Stremio app and prompt you with an "Install Addon" window. Click the green install button at the bottom.

Optional but highly Recommended - In Stremio, click the puzzle piece in the top right to view your addons. Click "My Addons" and uninstall the "WatchHub" addon. It's an eyesore and it clutters your streams list.

Now that you have completed the setup, you may install Stremio on any device of your choice (excluding IOS) and log in to your account to start streaming Movies/TV. Refer to the section below for Stremio installation on FireOS devices (Fire Stick, FireTV).

FireOS devices (Fire Stick, FireTV)

After you have gone through the setup on another device, watch this video on how to install Stremio on your FireOS device https://youtu.be/U1o-scADuIg and then log into your account in the Stremio app. At this point you're good to stream. It will download everything that you just set up and sync your shows across all devices. However, some FireOS devices may not be capable of 4k streaming.

Edit 10/16/2023 - if you are on firestick, make sure to download the Android TV apk from the Stremio downloads section. The youtube video linked above was created before Stremio had an Android TV version. The UI is much improved over the base android UI for use on a smart tv.


At the time of making this guide, I had issues in the setup process on Linux but I'm pretty sure that was my fault for having weird defaults on my Arch install. You should be able to complete the setup process on Linux without issues and streaming is guaranteed to work. In the case that you run into issues, Just complete the setup steps on a recommended device first, then install and log into the Stremio app on your Linux device.

Additional information


Account sharing: You should only share your Stremio account with people who are connected to the same WiFi network as you. If you do not follow this rule, your Real Debrid account may be suspended.


Sometimes, an episode of a show or a movie will display "No streams found" even though it should be available. This has only happened to me a handful of times, but the problem will resolve itself eventually.

If the picture is black but the audio is still playing, you should go back and select a stream with a different resolution.

Issue: No streams are appearing at all, or none of them work. Here are the possible explanations:

Your Real Debrid Subscription has expired. Go to Real-Debrid and check your account status.

Real Debrid servers are down/undergoing maintenance. Wait an hour or so, and then try again.

You made a mistake while following the guide. My DMs are open if you can't figure it out. I'll probably try to help.

Credit to u/OnlyTheCruxes for most of this stuff because I kinda just copied their guide and added more detail based on my own personal experience with the setup process (Original guide: Installing Stremino + Torrentio + Real Debird )

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The ability to change features, prices, and availability of things you've already paid for is a powerful temptation to corporations.

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OpenAI cofounder Ilya Sutskever has become invisible at the company, with his future uncertain, insiders say::The OpenAI co-founder was an integral part of what became ChatGPT. Insiders say his role in Sam Altman's ouster is showing ongoing damage.

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The Foundation supports challenges to laws in Texas and Florida that jeopardize Wikipedia's community-led governance model and the right to freedom of expression.

An amicus brief, also known as a “friend-of-the-court” brief, is a document filed by individuals or organizations who are not part of a lawsuit, but who have an interest in the outcome of the case and want to raise awareness about their concerns. The Wikimedia Foundation’s amicus brief calls upon the Supreme Court to strike down laws passed in 2021 by Texas and Florida state legislatures. Texas House Bill 20 and Florida Senate Bill 7072 prohibit website operators from banning users or removing speech and content based on the viewpoints and opinions of the users in question.

“These laws expose residents of Florida and Texas who edit Wikipedia to lawsuits by people who disagree with their work,” said Stephen LaPorte, General Counsel for the Wikimedia Foundation. “For over twenty years, a community of volunteers from around the world have designed, debated, and deployed a range of content moderation policies to ensure the information on Wikipedia is reliable and neutral. We urge the Supreme Court to rule in favor of NetChoice to protect Wikipedia’s unique model of community-led governance, as well as the free expression rights of the encyclopedia’s dedicated editors.”

“The quality of Wikipedia as an online encyclopedia depends entirely on the ability of volunteers to develop and enforce nuanced rules for well-sourced, encyclopedic content,” said Rebecca MacKinnon, Vice President of Global Advocacy at the Wikimedia Foundation. “Without the discretion to make editorial decisions in line with established policies around verifiability and neutrality, Wikipedia would be overwhelmed with opinions, conspiracies, and irrelevant information that would jeopardize the project’s reason for existing.”

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Senators Introduce ‘Fans First’ Bill Intended to Reform Live-Event Ticketing System::Senators John Cornyn, Amy Klobuchar and others introduced the 'Fans First' Act to help “address flaws in the current live event ticketing system.'

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China poised to break 5nm barrier — Huawei lists 5nm processor presumably built with SMIC tech, defying U.S. sanctions | Huawei and SMIC quietly rolled out a new Kirin 9000C processor.::Chinese foundry SMIC may have broken the 5nm process barrier, as evidenced by a new Huawei laptop listed with an advanced chip with 5nm manufacturing tech — a feat previously thought impossible due to U.S sanctions.

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Pluralistic: "If buying isn't owning, piracy isn't stealing" (08 Dec 2023)::undefined

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