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Hello c/NSQ! As you may have noticed from the fancy “A” next to his name on his posts around Lemmy, our fearless leader AvaddonLFC is now an Administrator, which means he can no longer be part of our moderation team. I have agreed to take over his communities because I believe in what we’ve all been building together as a group. There will be no changes to the current rules or moderators, though you may see some new faces that were already chosen to join the team.

If you have any feedback on our rules or just want to tell us how much you’ll miss AvaddonLFC, this is the place to do it. (Don’t worry, I can take it!)

I am grateful to AvaddonnLFC for building this community and inviting me to join him as a moderator, and to my fellow mods (and hopefully the community) for sticking with me through this change!

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I have seen multiple times on Lemmy that the IRS wants people to report income from illegal means and that they don't care to bust someone for it. For example, an illicit drug dealer is expected by the IRS to report their drug sale revenue without having to worry about being caught for drug dealing.

Will the IRS seriously not report illegal activities or individuals that report they earned income through vague illegal means?

If they don't, do law enforcement agencies skim IRS tax reports to find people that report illegal income to further investigate?

Can IRS tax forms that report illegal income be used against someone in court?

It just seems ridiculous that reporting illegal activity, however undefined, to the federal government would be a safe option.


I know medical questions aren’t allowed on this subreddit, but this one was so mundane and yet so oddly specific that I figured this was the best place to ask.

My left middle finger keeps getting an annoying, itchy rash that is covered in tiny pimples. It’s worst on the sides of the finger. I know eczema is a thing, but I’ve never heard of it being specific to one finger.

The closest thing I could find is maybe dyshidrosis, which can give you itchy in the side of your finger. but I think those bumps have fluid in them like blisters, and I don’t think my bumps have fluid.

If it helps, I usually wear rings on my middle fingers, but I haven’t worn any in a while, and my right middle finger is totally fine. I’ve been having problems with this specific finger getting insanely itchy rashes for over a year or two.


apparently my city literally literally banned public rail funding, and people online love jerking off about how good biking is, so i figured might as well try. I have come up with:


  • good for mental health / exercise / endorphins
  • arguably quaint
  • feel like an old timey guy taking his wares to market
  • feel european
  • can annoy others
  • less of a police state around them vs cars
  • more flexible parking, routes
  • capacity to be peaceful
  • nice in summer


  • look like an annoying dork (esp w neon - which also hurts the quaint factor)
  • have to wear a helmet (^)
  • getting sweaty, potentially "unpresentable" for work
  • still have to find safe parking
  • still takes a while
  • have to find new routes to places
  • can't listen to music or might die
  • little meaningful protection against severe injury
  • can only carry so many groceries/etc
  • sucks in winter

I can't say I've been using Lemmy for long, but from the get-go it seems that the communities, memes, opinions that get upvoted seem to reflect left-wing ideas.

I'm certainly not complaining, it honestly feels like a breathe of fresh air compared to other social media sites that seem to shift further and further to the far right, though I am curious to hear why this might be the case? Does FOSS tend to attract more left-wing minded people, or does this just happen to be a broadly left-wing microcosm/bubble?

Hope you all have a great day.


Here’s a (very stupid) parody of the attitude as I imagine it from the most obstinate people with this view:

Well, my doctor says I need to take this medication, so that's what I'm going to do. I don't care what all those other people online are saying about their experiences with it. My doctor knows best, and I'm not going to listen to a bunch of anonymous strangers on the internet. They're probably just making stuff up anyway.

Sure, I get that a lot of people had some nasty side effects or didn't see any improvement, but my doctor assured me that won't happen to me. He's a professional, so I trust him completely. And I know he's only trying to help, not line his own pockets or anything.

All those online forums and support groups are just a waste of time. What could a bunch of regular people possibly know that my highly educated, experienced doctor doesn't? I'm going to take this medication exactly as prescribed and not ask any questions. My doctor is infallible, and I refuse to get a second opinion or consider any other options. Nope, I'm just going to blindly follow his advice and ignore everyone else. That's the smart and responsible thing to do!

(Yes, this is extraordinary (and like I said stupid), and yes your doctor knows more than JoeRando420 telling you to buy homeopathic crystal suppositories. In fact I only have one user in mind writing this post, someone I forget who posted long ago about a condition I cannot remember. Hope they got better.)

Main point is: why not let a large number of people who heard about a condition from their own qualified doctors help you at least scribble down some questions to ask your own medical folks at your next appointment? (But please avoid those crystal suppositories.)


I know the ng means nanogram

But I’m curious how would I say the above line of 2.1 ng/kg

For context I got it from this paragraph

a lethal dose of 1.3–2.1 ng/kg in humans

Would it be

2.1 nanogram per kilogram?

Also if I wanted to write that as a decimal number how would i write that?

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Currently Chromium 128, and Firefox 127. They always seem to go shoulder to shoulder.


Preferably I’d like a site that uses Dalle 3 because it’s a let down how ChatGPT only generates one image at a time now, but sites with stable diffusion will work as well. I tried googling sites that use Dalle 3 but no luck

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Do people still hand out physical business cards at events or is it all digital now?

i should have asked before ordering 50, lol


Thank you for all the replies, I’ve got the answer I need but I’ll add some more information just in case anyone wants to know.

  • I’m based in Europe and not Japan
  • I’m working as a videographer and trying to build a film company
  • I plan on doing more event coverage so I’ll bring them with to quickly hand out my contact details.
  • The card has the following: Busines name, my name, phone number, email, and website.
  • I had thought about adding my social media but couldn’t find a nice way to do it that matched the rest of the card.

EDIT 2: just now realised I didn’t complete the last sentence of the last bullet point


I have already seen an allergist, and was on ramp up. We had to move, and to my surprise none of the clinics here will administer allergy shots.

There is a speciality clinic that will, but only if you are a patient of their allergist, they won't administer injections unless it came from them. There is a 3y wait-list for their allergist.

This is terrible news. My seasonal allergies are debilitating, they are a disability. In the words of my allergist "You are allergic to the world".

I could administer them at home, my spouse is an MA and knows how to do the subcutaneous shots. However, that's dangerous, and my allergist refuses to allow me to do this.

The alternative would be to just walk into a clinic or ER, get the shots administered by my spouse in the lobby. Wait the 20-30 minutes to ensure no anaphylactic reaction, and go home. And do this till I've ramped. But I get the feeling this won't go over well....

What sort of advice do you have for me on navigating this Lemmy? I was receiving treatment for this condition, and now I can't, which is essentially driving me into depression.


I was just thinking if you are on your computer anyway would it just use some of the excess electricity that your computer would have wasted or would it be worse than charging your phone from a charger while using your laptop separately.


Seems pretty dumb in our biological design to not be able to regenerate such a functional (and also easily breakable) part of our body.

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I own a long dagger/short sword. The hilt is in the design of the German eagle with its wings spread out as the hand guard and in the middle of the hand guard is a swastika. The scabbard is also adorned with swastikas on the top, mid section, and bottom.

I don't want to own this piece as I don't want to be seen as a Nazi sympathizer or anything of the sort, but I don't want to sell it to someone who actually is a Nazi sympathizer or something like that.

What do I do with it besides trash it? I don't want to trash it because it's decent quality. It's not historic in any way (which disturbs me to think about) but it's well made.

What can I do with it?

*The item in question is not historical


people have been demonizing it for most of the AD years i think but it's quite pleasant really. are there any proven negative effects?


As the title says, what are the risks, I assume people don’t host these servers for no reason. Is it just the ad revenue they get from the popups when trying to start the movie.

Could they be running exploits on here that would make it not safe at all to do so?


I'm thinking the animals would easily defeat us, since trying to get all 8 billion+ humans to agree on a plan of attack would be a near-impossible task. By the time we'd be done trying to coordinate a plan, I figure the lions and cheetahs would have already devoured us, not to mention the larger animals like the elephants.

Even so, I think we shouldn't underestimate the smaller creatures like rodents and insects. Most of them carry diseases, so if they came in large numbers, they could easily wipe out a good percentage of humans.

However, if humans were allowed to use the military's weapons, like tanks and canons, I think we might have a fighting chance. But if we went straight to using the nukes, it would result in no winner since the whole planet would die.

Would the animals win, due their sheer numbers and combined strength? Or would the humans win because of our combined intellect and vast knowledge of the animal kingdom? What do you think?


Honestly it seems like a no-brainer to me to put a solar panel on the roof of electric cars to increase their action radius, so I figured there's probably one or more good reasons why they don't.

Also, I acknowledge that a quick google could answer the question, but with the current state of google I don't want to read AI bullshit. I want an actual answer, and I bet there will be some engineers eager to explain the issues.


Picture for nutritional info.

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I get that there won't be any security updates. So any problem found can be exploited. But how high is the chance for problems for an average user if you say, only browse some safe websites? If you have a pc you don't really care much about, without any personal information? It feels like the danger is more theoretical than what will actually happen.

Or... are there any examples of people (not corpos) getting wrecked in the past by an eol OS?


this is stupid. something about activation energy? are there any activation energy hacks?


[-ish] Ireland, Scotland = Irish, Scottish

[-an] Morocco, Germany = Moroccan, German

[-ese] Portugal, China = Portuguese, Chinese

What rule is at play here? 🤔



I bought a pair of hypoallergenic pillows a couple of weeks ago and immediately started having a reaction to them. I washed them and no change.

I looked at what they're made from and I think it might be the Lyocell Tencel in the cover - made from eucalyptus trees.

Everything else about them is the same - afaik - as my other pillows.

Anyone else experience this or know anything about it?


I can scribble out identifying info (text, landmarks, faces) in an image, but I've heard images can have some geographic data. How do I remove that?

And video is a whole separate challenge - I don't know how to edit video. Does video have other metadata like my location or stuff about my device? What's some software good for beginners? How do you remove excess metadata with it?

Are there other considerations I should have?

(If there are step-by-step resources out there, please feel free to just link me to them.)

Thanks in advance!

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