No time behind bars. $100 fine.

A former deputy with the Caledonia County Sheriff’s Department has been permanently banned from working in law enforcement in Vermont, nearly two years after he pleaded guilty to charges related to soliciting sex and nude photos from women he encountered while on duty.

Bunnell pleaded guilty in March 2022 in Caledonia County Superior criminal court in St. Johnsbury to misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct by phone and prohibited conduct.

The plea deal called for a $100 fine on the disorderly conduct charge and a two-year deferred sentence on the prohibited conduct charge.

The prohibited conduct charge stated that Bunnell offered money to a woman in exchange for nude photos. The disorderly charge stated that Bunnell repeatedly contacted a different woman “to harass” her into providing him with nude photos.

As part of the plea agreement, two other charges of committing prohibited acts were dismissed.


Is this new, or have online accounts never offered the ability to update your email address easily?


2 out of 10‽


Providence has fallen far since the Sisters of Providence incorporated in 1859 with the Washington territorial government for “the relief of needy and suffering humanity, in the care of orphans, invalids, the sick and poor. "

The decay of ethical leadership is endemic in the corporate world. It is all the more troublesome in health care systems, particularly those that are faith-based. Government regulators must continue to be vigilant, but what’s really needed is a more enlightened generation of business leaders who understand that cutting corners, cheating customers and flouting rules only lead to organizational rot and an eventual comeuppance.

Earlier this month, the state Attorney General’s Office announced an agreement with Renton-based Providence to resolve a lawsuit that alleged the health care giant trained its staff to aggressively ask for payment from patients with low incomes who were likely eligible for financial assistance or billed them without determining if they qualified. In thousands of cases, Providence knowingly sent low-income patients — including Medicaid enrollees — to debt collectors.

Providence must forgive more than $137 million in medical debt and refund more than $20 million to patients the company billed for services despite knowing they likely qualified for free or reduced-cost health care. The refunds and debt relief will help nearly 100,000 people.

In a statement, Providence said it “recognizes the tough challenges many members of our community face that result in them not completing the financial assistance application process and we are also making improvements to our processes to encourage more individuals to apply for such assistance, which we are happy to offer.”

The phrase “we are happy to offer” seems incongruent with information gleaned in the legal action. One of Providence’s own employees warned leadership that the health system’s practices were “sending the poor to bad debt.”

The gouging of patients with low incomes is all the more galling considering Providence CEO Rod Hochman is the state’s highest-paid health care executive, according to the Puget Sound Business Journal. Hochman received a total compensation package of $9.5 million in 2021, per the most recent data available for the system. In years prior, his pay reached nearly $11 million.

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EDIT: you guys have dug up some truly horrible pisstakes :D Thank you for those.

To the serious folk - relax a little. This is Mildly Infuriating, not I'm dying if this doesn't stop. As a non-native speaker I was taught a certain way to use the language. The rules were not written down by me, nor the teachers - it was done by the native folk. Peace!

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Coincidence? Surely Google knows this is a legitimate company.


This is about the most recent version of LibreOffice on Windows 10. I can't speak for other versions.

My daughter worked hard on her social studies essay. I type things in for her because she’s a really bad typist, but she tells me what to write… but I didn’t remember to manually save her social studies essay yesterday, and for some reason the ThinkPad rebooted, LibreOffice crashed and we lost the whole thing... because autosave was not automatically on when I installed it.

No, recovery didn't work. We just got a blank file.

I rewrote it for her based on the information we had and what I remembered and tried to make it sound like what a 13-year-old would write because it was basically my fault and she did do the work. I did have her sit with me as I wrote it in case she didn’t like something I wrote, but it was sort of cheating. I'm okay with that cheating since I know she worked hard on it.

First, though, I went into the settings and turned on autosave.

I like LibreOffice, but why the hell is that not on automatically? Honestly, I don't really understand why someone wouldn't want their documents autosaved, but I'm pretty sure most people would want that.

This isn't fucking 1993. I shouldn't have to remember to save a document anymore and it shouldn't be lost forever because of it.

Like I said, I like LibreOffice. I don't really want to trust documents to Microsoft or Google. But this was really annoying.

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Got suckered into helping a non-profit with their web presence, and of course, it was a Wordpress site (at least it wasn't a Facebook page).

Everything about WP is mildly infuriating at best, just regular infuriating at worst. Everything. If you know, you know. It's like they tried so hard to make it "easy" to use that it went full circle into a fuster-cluck of unintuitive and clunky everything.

With every facet of the experience being an upsell, is there a tier where it's just not horrible to use?

Specific examples:

  • WYSIWYG editor doesn't match the preview
  • Chasing the scroll point in the outline when moving elements
  • Can't edit block properties after they're added
  • Everything is a damn upsell
    • Want to remove the Wordpress footer? Upgrade to a paid plan (does not specify tier)
    • Okay, I've updated to a paid plan that meets our needs. Please remove the footer please.
    • "Oh, you have to have a plan two tiers up to do that"
  • General clunkyness
  • Only supports Apple map embeds which cannot find any of the addresses I need to enter
    • Cannot embed a Google map properly (doesn't support percentage widths for the iframe element so I can't make it responsive)
  • Changing the column widths on a layout grid block never releases the slider, so you have to mash keys until something else selects that locks it roughly where you want it.

Google literally giving me sex talk lines.


I mean you could say, Volume 1 is 23 years old, but even newer ones won't often get it right ...


The university allows URLs as a "person name", so the spammer bots filled forms everywhere filling with my email and the spam URL as my name. So i'm getting bombarded by "legit" emails with a spam url as in "hi SPAM_URL"

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I just hope the house numbers aren't similar!


I bought 175 g pack of salami which had 162 g of salami as well.


After the post the other day , this is the price I have to pay for 2 visits to the EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT, about 10 to 12 X-rays, a CT scan, two nights in hospital (so far) and all the drugs

Glad to not live in the ‘land of the free’

Is anyone surprised by this? (news.slashdot.org)

The Fossil Fuel Industry Knew About Climate Change Since 1954

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