you can see this is a throwaway account, you likely won't get replies. btw i recently switched from edge to arc browser since i got an invite somehow (am using startpage as my search engine)

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How do notifications work in the official Telegram Android app (Play Store vs Site version maybe)? Does it have the same mechanism as Signal, which only recognizes the presence of notifications via Google services, but sends them via its web socket service?

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Nevertheless I chose my Yubikey instead.

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The FBI investigated a man who allegedly posed as a police officer in emails and phone calls to trick Verizon to hand over phone data belonging to a specific person

Despite the relatively unconvincing cover story concocted by the suspect ... Verizon handed over the victim’s data to the alleged stalker, including their address and phone logs. The stalker then went on to threaten the victim and ended up driving to where he believed the victim lived while armed with a knife

Version Security Assistance Team–Court Order Compliance Team (or VSAT CCT) received an email from steven1966c@proton.me.“Here is the pdf file for search warrant,” Glauner, allegedly pretending to be a police detective, wrote in the email. “We are in need if the this [sic] cell phone data as soon as possible to locate and apprehend this suspect. We also need the full name of this Verizon subscriber and the new phone number that has been assigned to her. Thank you.”

Verizon is not the only telecom that has failed to properly verify requests like this. In a somewhat similar case, I spoke to a victim who was stalked after someone posing as a U.S. Marshal tricked T-Mobile into handing over her phone’s location data.


This has been one of the key features I've been waiting for to finally be able to move away from Google Photos and OneDrive for mobile photos backup.


Long title, wopsi.

Recently been checking out PIA VPN service(for research purposes), and they advertise their services to be 100% open source. However when checking their Github they don't seem to have their code base for website there.

So this have had me wondering, when you hear the term 100% open source. Do you expect ALL of what they do, including website part, to be open source? Or just the application / service that they offer?

Lemmyknow your thoughts!


I'm currently using GrapheneOS and I quite like it, but I would like to switch to something else. Will I lose much privacy if I switch to e/OS? Can I lock bootloader after flashing it like on GrapheneOS? I'm using Pixel 7 btw


I've used a VPN on individual devices for some time now. Every once in a while I come across a website that says it's blocking my access because of my IP address. I then change to another server until one isn't flagged anymore. The problem is there isn't one server that's free from this issue.

I am now going to add a VPN to my router to cover my whole network. Is there an easy way to fix this issue from my router? Like a way to cycle IPs automatically? I suppose if worse cones to worse I could activate a client side VPN again to overwrite my IP. My new router is a GL.iNet Flint 2.


I hope it is a way to solve this…


Im looking to buy monero privately, and so i want to remove myself as much as possible. the easiest way to buy some on localmonero.co is thru paypal. i was looking to use google voice maybe? just make a new gmail for it? idk tho, what yall think?

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Looks like UK is going the same way as a few states. Spare a thought for us. So messed up this increasing surveillance state.

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You cannot change it, you must setup ScreenTime and disable Siri WebSearch

May or may not be anonymized but if you click on Google stuff, its likely fair game. Not happy about this, I dont care about their default deals but they have no right to not allow your Siri searches to also respect your preference in search engine you've consciously decided on

Once again, very sneaky

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Schneier: AI will enable a shift from observing actions to interpreting intentions, en masse.

Benj Edwards - 12/5/2023, 8:53 PM

In an editorial for Slate published Monday, renowned security researcher Bruce Schneier warned that AI models may enable a new era of mass spying, allowing companies and governments to automate the process of analyzing and summarizing large volumes of conversation data, fundamentally lowering barriers to spying activities that currently require human labor.


UEFIs booting Windows and Linux devices can be hacked by malicious logo images.

Dan Goodin - 12/6/2023, 3:02 PM

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Started in mid November and despite repeated requests from Tuta(nota) and reassurances from MS, it's still happening and MS have gone silent on the subject.

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House Judiciary Committee advances FISA Section 702 bill with warrant requirements, 35-2

Sen. Ron Wyden says "This is great news for anyone who cares about protecting their privacy from government overreach."

So far the only coverage is @tonya_riley's paywalled Bloomberg News article


The bill is H.R. 6570, the Protect Liberty and End Warrantless Surveillance Act, sponsored by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ). It has a lot of similarities to the bipartisan Government Surveillance Reform Act (where Wyden and Sen. Mike Lee are the Senate sponsors). But there are other bills potentially moving forward as well.... (1/3)

#fisa #surveillance @privacy

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For anyone using any Simple Mobile Tools app be aware that they were sold few days ago (4 dec 2023) to a very privacy unfriendly company:


Is suggested to remove them or stop updating them.

BTW the company is an israeli publisher that buys apps and fills them with ads asking weekly fees to avoid them...

Someone has made an alternatives list: https://libreddit.nullnet.services/r/SimpleMobileTools/comments/18929pq/simplemobiletools_was_sold_alternatives/

One of the dev of SMT has forked them: https://github.com/FossifyX

And another group of dev announced a fork too: https://github.com/goastian

News Source on Telegram: https://t.me/Libreware/1210


I understand that Zello is not FOSS, but their website claims everything is end-to-end-encrypted.

So, in short, should/can it be trusted? If not, are there any good FOSS alternatives that provide similar Walkie-Talkie like functionality?

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