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I'm looking for an audio app for learning tunes by ear. Ideally would have:

1- slow playback, without adjusting pitch.
2- loop selection - to play a segment of the audio over and over
3- pitch adjustment (some old recordings are out of tune)

Anyone have one they like? For android the closest I've found is Fossify music player, which offers feature 1.

For PC, audacity has all these features, but its pretty clunky to use.

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What's your pick?


Hi open source community!

This is a follow up to a previous post where I got a lot of really good feedback on this resume template. I've made some changes to the template that takes much of the feedback into account and I also added some new features that should make the template more useable for a wide variety of people.

If you have any further feedback please feel free to share!

To use this template on the typst web app, see here: https://typst.app/universe/package/modern-cv

Some screenshots of what the template looks like/can produce.


Hey there!

I find myself frequently downloading large files on my android phone from servers that aren't always the fastest. These downloads can range from audio and video files to zip and rar files.

I'm on the lookout for an app that will allow me to resume downloads that have failed, as well as choose where to save each file individually.

So far, I've only come across apps that have been discontinued.

Do you happen to know of any good, regularly updated apps that fit the bill?

Thanks so much for your help :)

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Hello, I am looking for a FOSS frontend for simple DB app.

Use case:

  • Let's have a simple DB in MySQL
  • I want the user to be able to browse via views
  • Create new inserts via some forms

Does something like that exist?

EDIT: Thanks all for suggestions, looks like what I am looking for is just a regular web app however simple I might think it is, there is near 0% chance I can just grab something off the internet and use it in this case.


I was wondering if there are any FOSS UK focused news app (Android)?

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Hello. I'm looking for a more private (for obicous reasons) and fast discord client for android, since the app is terrible and preforms terribly on my relatively old phone. I can't change to something like matrix/signal, since I can't convert other people.


I recently got a Sony prs 600 e reader from 2009. The battery is at the end of its life (It lasts about 3 days with heavy reading, and a couple weeks without reading). No backlight, no Wi-Fi, just an SD card that I can load epub files and small PDFs. The screen is slow and the contrast isn't the best. The "touch screen" is the old resistive type where you really need to press with your nail or a stylus. Despite all those flaws, it's fantastic. It's just good enough for reading books.

I read with large text so I don't even need to put on glasses, and it's easier to read than an actual book. Combined with Anna's archive, I'm reading more than I ever have before. No Wi-Fi nd slow screen make the experience feel closer to an actual book than a smartphone. It's great to just have a device do one thing without distractions popping up every minute.

It's all old technology, but it's so rare to see anyone with an e-reader. Probably because they're still expensive and designed to microtransact the fuck out of you.

So do you think there could be a simple open source e reader? I see pine64 is making the "pinenote", but it's still just the developer version, it's expensive, doesn't have an sd card, and looks like it's trying to be a lot more than an reader. Maybe it'll come down in cost, or they'll release a simpler version? The biggest obstacle for making an e-reader seems to be the screen, so maybe the pinenote's screen could become something of a standard.

Or maybe I'm overthinking it, because there's already so many old Kindles and nooks out there that could be improved with a new battery and maybe new firmware too.



Are you guys fine with these new shenanigans from Github. I found a bug and wanted to check what has been the development on that, only to find out most of the discussion was hidden by github and requesting me to sign-in to view it.

It threw me straight back to when Microsoft acquired Github and the discussions around the future of opensource on a microsoft owned infrastructure, now microsoft is exploiting free work from the community to train its AI, and building walls around its product, are open source contributors fine with that ?

Bombs Away (bombsaway.fallaciousreasoning.nz)

A simple physics game I wrote



Look! A #LibreOffice feature you may not know about 😉 When exporting a #PDF the "Hybrid PDF" option embeds the original file. Then anyone with a PDF reader can view the file – and LibreOffice users can edit it too: https://wiki.documentfoundation.org/Faq/Writer/PDF_Hybrid#What_is_a_hybrid_PDF_file? #foss #OpenSource


For what i heard, a lot of people on the Linux community use Krita for image manipulation, even though, it's intended for digital painting, and GIMP is the one intended for image manipulation, because people don't like the GIMP's UI.

My issue is, i never understood why they don't like the GIMP's UI, since i never have issues with it,(Although it's probably because i'm used to the UI) so i need to adress this problem and ask you What does the GIMP UI has that you don't like or hate so much and why you like Krita's UI over GIMP's?

Before you event comment your answer i need to ask you to do the following:

  1. Address each specific issue along with an concise and direct explanation of why you don't like it

  2. Answers such as "I just don't like it", "I don't like where it's placed" or anything alike doesn't count as "Concise and Direct", we are adults, not 4 year old children.

  3. If you can provide a suggestion of how GIMP's UI can be improved, it would help a lot, and maybe this issue can be solved.

  4. If someone else commented something you were about to comment, upvote them, this way we can address the most common issues effectively.

  5. I need you to watch the screenshots of both UI's, because something that most people don't know, it's how similar Krita and GIMP's UIs are.

Krita's UI


(Credits to a friend of mine for lettig me use the screenshots.)

My ideas on how GIMP can improve it's UI

  1. Adding the option of the new UI selected by default, but with the possibility to switch to the new UI.

  2. Possibly addding "work spaces" like Krita would help too, along with the possibility of exporting and importing them, this way people can have custom arrangements of the UI according to the kind of work they will do.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we can address this issue effectively.

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Krita FTW (lemmy.ml)


Just a friendly reminder example for all those people who only ever heard of GIMP and not wanting to let go of their Adobe products because they don't like GIMP. Krita deserves more wide spread attention. https://krita.org/en/features/

HeliBoard Questions (lemmy.world)

cross-posted from: https://lemmy.world/post/14368233

Noob here (and I posted some of this already as a reply o an older post: https://lemmy.world/comment/8190997 )

I actually just installed HeliBoard through Obtainium, and have a bunch of questions.

First of all, I’m confused – I installed HeliBoard_1.2-release.apk . I didn’t really know how HeliBoard_1.2-debug.apk and HeliBoard_1.2-nouserlib.apk were different.

Also, I just installed that and nothing else. It’s giving me suggestions, but no corrections. Is that because I didn’t install any dictionaries? If so, how do I install one – do I just click on the download icon here https://codeberg.org/Helium314/aosp-dictionaries/src/branch/main/dictionaries/main_en_us.dict ? And what do I do then? Sorry, noob here.

On the other languages and autocorrect issues discussed here: https://lemmy.world/post/12769494 – it sounds like it used to have the equivalent of GBoard’s globe icon you could click on to switch languages but not anymore? You have to go to settings and uncheck English and check whatever other language you want to use?

And, it seems like I can do the equivalent of Shift + key on a standalone keyboard (for example, to get 1 instead of Q), but I don’t know how to, or what that’s even called.

Thank you!

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I realize that, after all this time, I have never payed for my all-time favorite games I grew up playing (Fallout 3 & Skyrim). I can pay for it, but I really do not want to pay the money to the Bethesda’s marketing team, CEO, and whoever bullshit middle man who wants a cut of that. I want to give directly to the team that made the damn game, the artists, the sound designers, the voice actors, the programmers. If there was a way to do that, i’d be more happily inclined to spend my money on a decade year old game.

Just thinking

What are your ideas on how this could actually be implemented?

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Defending Mastodon from Donald Trump's social media

Syncthing v1.27.6 (github.com)
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I'm not the developer. I came across it and I thought it was neat.

Repository: github.com/GRA0007/crab.fit

Align your schedules to find the perfect time that works for everyone. Open-source and licensed under the GNU GPLv3.

Self-hosting guide


I’m glad to announce v0.3.0 release!

The major feature of the new release is the implementation of complete file synchronization, i.e., the ability to send and receive files. To identify local changes, a periodical folder full scan is performed.

You can download ready-to-use binaries for Linux and Windows as well as the source code.

Syncspirit is a syncthing-compatible synchronization program that implements BEP-protocol. Syncspirit is a syncthing-compatible is written from the scratch software, which had different technical decisions on its foundation to overcome syncthing limitations. Syncspirit is available for Windows and Linux. Currently, Syncspirit is targeted at power users and early adopters who feel comfortable with command lines.

Any feedback is welcome!

WBR, basiliscos.

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