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Sorry to throw this on everyone in the group, but there has been another mod shakeup and it feels fair to address it publicly.

MightBe has been removed as mod from both World News and Politics.

I also unpinned and removed their rule change posts.

The too long; didn't read is they were pretty hostile in messages to both myself and little cow, and when asked to join back channel discussions in chat, refused, and instead made unilateral decisions without group discussion.

Moderating a group like this needs to be a collaborative experience, no single voice should be establishing rules without some form of common agreement.

They not only refused to engage in that collaboration, but did so in a manner not fitting for being the new person on the team.

And it is a team. I tend to make more public posts than others, because I value the transparency over privacy, but when I do so, it's a result of a nice private chat among the group.

For now, their rule changes have been removed from both Politics and World News. Back to the stated way of doing business:

World News is for all News OUTSIDE the United States, that's what the normal "News" is for.

Politics is for US Politics - Somehow I doubt that's going to be an issue in 2024.

There ARE things the mod team is discussing, and any rule changes will be made as a group effort, and (hopefully!) for the better health of the group and ALL of our participants!

Happy New Year!

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Welcome to the community!

We're glad you're here. We want this to be a place where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions on world news.

Here are some rules to help us keep our community a positive and productive space:

  1. Accurate sourcing: Please share news articles, opinion, analysis, and discussion of recent events and news video reports from reliable sources. Verify information before posting.

  2. Objective presentation: Present news objectively, without personal bias or editorialization.

  3. Respectful engagement: Keep it civil! We want everyone to feel comfortable participating in discussions, even if they have different viewpoints.

  4. Submissions: Only articles, videos, and sound clips are accepted as submissions.

  5. Titles: Titles of posts must accurately reflect the headline and/or sub-header of the content source.

  6. Content quality: Submissions must be of good quality. This means that they should be well-written, informative, and relevant to the topic of the community.

  7. No agendaposting: Please do not post content that is intended to promote a specific agenda or viewpoint.

  8. No spamming: Please do not post the same content multiple times or post links to irrelevant websites.

  9. English articles only: Submissions must be in English.

  10. No US-internal news: Please do not post news about events that are happening within the United States.

  11. No repost of same link: Please do not post the same link multiple times.

  12. Content reviewed on a case-by-case basis: The moderators will review all content on a case-by-case basis. This means that some content that violates the rules may be allowed, while other content that does not violate the rules may be removed.

  13. No mod harassment or abusive messages: Please do not harass or send abusive messages to the moderators.

  14. Moderators' discretion: The moderators retain the right to remove any content and ban users.

If you see any violations of the rules, please report them. We want to keep this community a positive and productive space for everyone.

Thank you for your cooperation!

We hope you enjoy your time here.

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The U.S. informed its NATO and Asian allies that Russia could deploy a nuclear weapon into space this year after details of American intelligence assessments of its ambitions circulated last week, according to The New York Times.

U.S. intelligence agencies also told allies Moscow could also send a harmless “dummy” warhead into space that would likely leave questions about Russia’s capabilities, the Times reported Wednesday.

American officials are reportedly divided in their predictions about Russia’s space ambitions. Officials pointed to Russia’s series of satellite launches in early 2022 and how American intelligence officials found out Russia was developing a new space-based weapon.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken warned the U.S.’s Chinese and Indian counterparts on the sidelines of the Munich Security Conference last weekend that a nuclear detonation in space would knock out American satellites, along with those of Beijing and New Delhi, the Times reported Saturday.

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The Polish government, including Prime Minister Donald Tusk, should come to the border with Ukraine to meet its Ukrainian counterparts and solve the ongoing blockade led by Polish farmers, President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video message on Feb. 21.

Polish farmers launched a new wave of protests on the border in early February in response to Ukrainian agricultural imports and the EU's Green Deal. The situation escalated on Feb. 20, when some protesters dumped Ukrainian grain on railway tracks and displayed anti-Ukrainian posters.

"This is the grain that our farmers and peasants cultivate with great difficulty, despite all of the hardships caused by Russia's brutal aggression," Zelensky said.

"Enough misunderstandings," Zelensky said, urging Ukraine and Poland to find unity and solutions at a bilateral, as well as at a European level.



SANA, the state news agency, quoted an unnamed military official as saying that the missiles were fired from the direction of Syria's Israeli-occupied Golan Heights and hit a building, killing two civilians and wounding another.

Israel has carried out hundreds of strikes on targets inside government-controlled parts of war-torn Syria in recent years. It rarely acknowledges its actions in Syria but has previously said it targets bases of Iran-allied militant groups, such as Lebanon’s Hezbollah, which has sent thousands of fighters to support Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces.

On Wednesday as well, Lebanon’s Foreign Minister Abdallah Bouhabib held a meeting in Beirut with U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal and Sen. Chris Coons of Delaware. He said: "We ask that Israel gives peace a chance rather than going on with the policy of war.”

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Polish authorities voiced grave concerns Wednesday after slogans praising Russian President Vladimir Putin and his war against Ukraine appeared at Polish farmers’ protests.

The Foreign Ministry said it believed that extreme groups were trying to take over the farmers’ protest movement “perhaps under the influence of Russian agents.”

On Tuesday, one tractor at a protest in the southern region of Silesia carried a Soviet flag and a banner that said: "“Putin, put things in order with Ukraine, Brussels, and our rulers.”

Interior Minister Marcin Kierwinski called the banner “scandalous,” and said that it was immediately secured by police, and that prosecutors were also investigating.

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Soldiers describe how stealing Palestinian property has become totally routine in the Gaza war, with minimal pushback from commanders.

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Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Tuesday that his government is addressing a complaint from Canada over the high number of asylum requests from Mexicans. According to data from the Canadian Immigration and Refugee Commission, between January and September 2023, Mexicans made the most asylum requests, with 17,500, well above Haitians, who made the second-highest number of requests with just over 8,500.

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King Xia, a Taiwanese tourist boat, was taking 23 passengers on a journey around Taiwan’s outlying Kinmen Islands just miles from China’s southeastern coast when it was intercepted by two Chinese coast guard vessels.

Six Chinese officers swooped onboard, checking the vessel’s route plan, certificate and the licenses of its 11 crew members in a “forced” inspection that lasted about half an hour, according to Taiwan’s coast guard, which said King Xia had “veered toward” the Chinese side of the water to avoid shoals.

The unprecedented encounter with Chinese law enforcement at a time of heightened tension between Beijing and Taipei startled Taiwanese passengers onboard.

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China is one of the world's most expensive places to raise a child, relative to its GDP per capita, a prominent Chinese think tank said on Wednesday as it detailed the time and opportunity costs for women who opt to have children in the country.

The cost of raising a child until they are 18 relative to per capita GDP is around 6.3 times in China versus 2.08 times in Australia, 2.24 times in France, 4.11 times in the U.S. and 4.26 times in Japan, said a report by the Beijing-based YuWa Population Research Institute.

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SEOUL (Reuters) - Almost 8,000 trainee doctors have walked off the job in South Korea to protest a government plan to admit more students to medical schools, and more are expected to join them.

Trainee doctors say the government needs to address pay and working conditions first before boosting the number of physicians, while authorities say more staff are needed to increase healthcare services in remote areas and meet the growing demands of one of the world's most rapidly ageing societies.


Medical interns and resident doctors say they are underpaid and overworked and that their protest shows the system is broken because their absence results in surgical procedures being cancelled and emergency rooms turning back patients.

Industrial action by trainee doctors has been effective in the past, largely because they make up at least 40% of the staff at some major hospitals in Seoul.

Trainees usually work 80 to 100 hours, five days a week, or up to 20 hours a day, conditions they say need to be addressed by hiring more senior staff, and not increasing the number of trainees.

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"Shit, their apartments aren't small at all; they're so spacious. I think I'll take the crib for myself, it's f*cking awesome. And there's a TV intact, but you can't get there..."

Russian soldiers loot apartments damaged by shelling and abandoned by Ukrainian civilians in the neighborhood of Sievierodonetsk, Ukraine.

The true face of the "Russian world".

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