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I have a job I don't quite like and I'm shooting applications elsewhere. I work full time and I'm also looking for another job in my city that fits my qualifications. I cannot change states or move to another city, it is what it is.

So far I've sent 5 apps for positions that interest me: 2 have answered, one could offer me a different but similar job (position already filled) and the other one, while fitting what I majored in, means constant stress, plans that change constantly, even several times a day, a pay reduction and the last 2 who applied to do this quit in 4 and 6 months respectively.

At least they were honest during the interview, but I now feel depressed. I was hoping to work there and quit my current job.

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Whatever I do/create I destroy it. Right now this is happening with my playlists. And it's absurd, because no one listens to them anyway but I keep having days when I feel like I should delete all of them. Then it's my private notebook. Then it's what I write, what I paint, movies I kept track of on an app, and the list goes on.

To be totally honest it's as if I'm afraid I might be insane for keeping these things. Some contain personal things (playlists, notebook) so alright I might want to keep them private, but the real issue is that I do that when I think "oh what will they think?". I don't know what to do, it might sound very stupid but this has really been bothering me since forever.


I'm having conflicting thoughts about religion in shaping human history.

As an atheist, it seems obvious to me that if there were no religion from the start, the world would have been a better place than it is now. There would be no religious wars, honor killings, more freedom, no religious leaders abusing their powers, no waste of labor and money on religious things, etc. It may seem that we would be more educated and have better understanding.

My whole conflict arises from the fact that "fear is a better driver than education and reasoning." As no system is efficient and perfect, the absence of religion would have caused more crimes. Religion promotes fear (the concept of an afterlife, hell) if you do something wrong. If there were no religion, humans may have committed numerous crimes without fearing consequences. You could say that it is due to religions that numerous wars have happened in history. But that is a tiny percentage of the whole population. Most people lived happier with religion as it introduced morals ,ethics and consequences for wrongdoing(big factor). One would think and question before doing something wrong.

You could also say that if we were non-religious from the start, we would have had better education, reasoning, different type ethics and morals etc. But as I said earlier, no system is efficient, and since non-religion doesn't promote fear if you don't get caught by others, there would be more crimes without fearing consequences if they don't get caught by others, which was easy in the old days.

So, I'm thinking if religion did better in the early days.

And I know that nowadays it's a different story, and non-religion is obviously better.

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Hi! I am a member of a race education group in my school (11 to 18). We were discussing instances of racism and came to the conclusion that the school - teachers, especially - were not giving proper or effective repercussions for racist incidents. Racism in the school is quite normalised, especially against Black and Asian students, including:

CW: list of racist incidents

  • Calling black people "monkeys", unnecessarily calling them "fast" and that they "should be at the back of the bus"
  • Playing stereotypical Indian music and linking brown people to "curry" and tech-support scammers
  • The Chinese, Japanese, dirty knees chant and mocking the Chinese language

Most teachers report the incident, triggering an investigation into what happened; the student(s) are usually suspended - possibly being temporarily transferred to another school - the offending student(s) are talked to by senior staff members and attend anti-racism sessions. This approach feels appropriate, although I want to hear your thoughts on it as racism is still a significant issue in the school.

In addition, quite a few teachers instead push to "settle the matter" in-class (say sorry, shake hands) or give lesser punishments that are intended for things like swearing or talking over the teacher. These are not appropriate punishments and shouldn't be tolerated. Bigotry is never equivalent to just rude behaviour or minor arguments (that includes bullying).

The school administration has been made aware of our thoughts and fortunately they are very open to the idea of writing a clearer and more effective policy on racism in the school.

Do teachers need to be trained better on their tolerance of racism? Is the policy not corrective enough? How would you write a racism policy for a school for 11 to 18 year olds?

Thanks again!

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Turns out Australia is removing 3G support nationwide and that means I have to upgrade. I've had my phone for at least 4 years but it runs well, I wasn't planning on upgrading for at least another year.

I want to keep using it, but I'm not too tech oriented so my thinking has been, " I can play music with it, some games, videos"...And that's fine. But perhaps some of you guys have more creative ideas? Curious as to what would you recommend.


Is it “Camel-uh” or “Cam-ahl-uh”?

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It can be in the format of documentaries, articles or books. I would like to know more about this other side.


I accidentally asked this on shit post channel by accident so I'm asking in the correct channel now. Leaving the other one up because the replies were good.


For context, there are two stray dogs at our local city park that we can't outright adopt, apartment rules say no pets, but we've been doing our best within our means to care for them at the park in the meantime.

More details here: https://lemmy.world/comment/11362479


Im introverted and have always enjoyed my solitude. Some people have complained that I don't talk much, which is true, I don't need to talk to feel good.

After changing workplaces, I decided to be proactive and introduce myself to my new coworkers. I was friendly and did it properly: my name, smiley face and what I do, eager to help them.

Some of them are friendly, greet back when I greet, but jesus christ, others outright avoid even eye contact with me like the plague, even though I kept greeting them for at least 2 more days.

Now I've returned the favor and I ignore them, not even asking them to do anything for me because last time I did, one of them said she would take a batch of documents to a nearby department but then outright ignored it and I had to do it myself.

It's also a bit funny: 2 coworkers that the first day had small but normal conversations with me now look elsewhere when they see me... and I give them back the same treatment. Childish and petty? extremely, but I ask you: what should I do?

Introverted me says: what were you expecting? This is what people are, don't bother trying to be extroverted, see what this brought you, return to your introverted self, do your job and go home, but this might sabotage me.

I confess neither do I know how to react when people are friendly when I'm talking to a coworker they like but the moment this coworker leaves, they turn to a mute.

To me, those of you who can play this silly workplace theater so well are geniuses. I cannot fake that a boring person interests me, nor can I fake respect for a person who treats me like I described.

I'd like to read your feedback.


I want to travel around the world in three hours, who is gonna get me there first?


I've tried posting an h264 mp4 file from a webserver i own, and I noticed that most clients fail to load or outright crash when trying to open the post. Some give an "invalid MIME type" error even though "video/mp4" is a valid one. Posting the link as a hyperlink works, but then you don't get a preview. So what's the best way to share video on lemmy? Is it youtube/imgur or am I doing something wrong?

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Job: cashier

Item doesn't scan

Customer: "That means it's free, right?"


Only about 4 weeks in as a cashier and I've heard this enough to last me a lifetime.

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I'll start - I don't shop a lot, but if I had to buy stuff like hardware parts, I do use Amazon sometimes, but if I can, then I try to use Flipkart. Realizing how it has turned into a monopoly, I try to look for alternative websites, and check if they're trustworthy.

If I remember correctly, the last three items I've bought online were hardware parts from some local websites. The chi-fi IEMs were bought through headphonezone.in, and they were super-fast in delivery - I had to wait for only four days.

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The CrowdStrike cyber event affected 8.5 million Windows machines and was the biggest IT outage in history. It has "beaten" even the cyber attacks of WannaCry and NotPetya.


Can/will this method be used by hackers? What would they need to do to take advantage of that vulnerability?

EDIT: typo

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At what step do you struggle the most?


My son is currently doing A levels, his subjects are Design & Technology, Sociology, Photography & an EPQ.

I'm currently on the lookout for books (anything really)that can help him through these. Is there anyone out there that can recommend books that helped you study those subject areas.

He didn't study Design & Technology at GCSE level so he might need something that covers the fundamentals.

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I'm curious what it takes to do furniture upholstery. And in a completely different scope, what it takes to sew Lycra in clothing like cycling bib shorts.

I mean the secret to doing it right.

For instance, if you want to paint cars, I can tell you all kinds of levels, but the secret sauce is sticking to a single paint system from primers to clear, 3m imperial sandpaper used wet with a drop of dish soap, block sanding with guide coats, degreaser for reflections tests, a reliable air drying system for compressed air using an oilless compressor and very large tank, a full set of Sata spray guns, the best pneumatic DA sander your paint jobber sells. Then you'll also need a variable speed buffer, fresh cut/medium/finish pads, 3m Perfect-it 2 and whatever fine finisher they sell now that does not contain oil fillers. Tape, paper, all all that is a given. Perfect automotive class paint is 99.9% prep and sanding, and only 0.1% painting. The number one rule is: when you think you should be done, step away for a break, when you get back acknowledge that you are only halfway done and get back to work. Your emotional state is irrelevant; the only truth that matters is in sanding guide coats and degreaser reflection tests.

All that said, with all of my experience, I can mix paint systems to get cheaper combinations between systems, I can spray with a $20 harbor freight gun, and polish with a sock and toothpaste in a zombie apocalypse pinch.

Does anyone here know sewing on this level? In a (coco) nutshell, what are the machines and standards to do it right?

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I'm referring to projects like redlib or invidious.

I was thinking about doing something similar for a local second-hand marketplace and got curious. Redlib seems to use token spoofing to get past rate limits and Invidious doesn't even use the official YouTube API.

The only way I thought of, which would be slow, is to scrape the site (like you would with Beautiful Soup).


I still get tons of political calls, texts, and emails from donations I made around 2016 and 2020. Is there any organization I can use to donate money that won't harass me in the future or sell my data to someone else who will?

(I got a text soliciting a political donation while I was typing this question!)

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every once and a while, my city turns up the chlorine as part of some annual flush or cleaning or whatever.

anyway, the water coming out of my pipes is the exact same temperature as it always was, but for some reason it seems warm when I taste it. it doesn't matter how long I let it run, it's just the same on my tongue. I'm filtering it, I can't even taste the chlorine, but it just feels tepid at all times

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Is there some advantage in having employees just doing nothing? I got an offer in early june, got paid for training and induction, got the uniform, and then, radio silence.

I chased them up on the phone three times and today, when I called yet again they asked me to send them an email at a specific address. It's been over a month after I got the training btw.

I realise I need to look for new job obviously as these idiots are pulling my leg. But can someone explain why would they bother with recruitment if they don't need staff?

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It often feels like there are only 3 productive hours in typical American white collar work day.

What if we just cut out the rest?

Edit: Some great responses. So responses must have also been said about the 5 day and 40 hour work weeks.

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