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I wanted to try a new type of post: just taking a particular videogame and see if there are others who would like to talk about it.

To start I'm taking Slay The Spire. A beautifully balanced game with infinite replayability. What are your favorite classes? What is your favorite way to win the game? What is the highest ascension you've beaten? Are there similar games you enjoy? Let's go!

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Hey y'all!

What are you playing? I finally starting playing Alan Wake 2 and wow I absolutely love it. I think Remedy are the most interesting devs in the AAA space and I am all on board for their connected universe! Also more binding of isaac :p

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Anyone playing LE release? Will be playing as a duo with my spouse as soon as we're done with work today!

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Petition: make WMR open source

Microsoft has stopped supporting WMR.

Please sign this petition to?open-source the software, so others can maintain it and prevent the perfectly good VR headsets becoming e-waste!


You might know the game under the name Star Control 2. It's a wonderful game that involves wandering around deep space, meeting aliens, and navigating a sprawling galaxy while trying to save the people of Earth, who are being kept under a planetary shield.

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Today I stumbled across this site, which allows you to see whether your CPU and GPU are well paired, for various tasks.

E.g., here's my current set up, for "graphics intensive tasks":


And the site tells me this for that combination:

While the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is well-equipped to manage strenuous computational tasks, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 limited graphical prowess may compromise the overall system efficiency. This disparity could lead to decreased performance and less effective utilization of system resources. To rectify this imbalance, an upgrade to a more capable graphics card that complements the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processing abilities is advisable.


(Standard disclaimers - I am not affiliated with the site and YMMV)

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almost certain this is behind a paywall and usually FT is one you can't get around, so some choice excerpts:

The $200bn video games industry is reckoning with its biggest slowdown in 30 years, as the huge growth driven by smartphone gaming and the latest generation of consoles reaches its limits.

Hardware sales are slowing, with Sony cutting its forecast for PlayStation 5 sales this week. Consumer spending on mobile gaming declined last year, down 2 per cent to $107.3bn according to Data.ai, which forecasts low single-digit growth in 2024.

Many in the gaming industry expected to bounce back quickly after 2022's post-pandemic decline, last year did not deliver the growth initially hoped.

The latest quarterly numbers from some of the biggest publishers, including Electronic Arts and Take Two, has underwhelmed investors. Meanwhile, games developers have been forced to cut thousands more jobs this year after already slashing as many as 10,000 in 2023.

"There's a lot of commercial anxiety: about growth, about profitability, about keeping budgets in check and about making an impact in the market when there are so many established products," said Piers Harding-Rolls, games research director at Ampere Analysis, a market researcher. "We are in a much slower growth era."

Cutting prices is a double-edged sword. The huge popularity of free-to-play online games such as Fortnite and Roblox consumes hours of playtime that had previously been spent on $70 titles. The strong network effects of multiplayer games, such as Call of Duty, also make it harder for new entrants to succeed. "Thousands of titles are hitting every month and the success rate is very low," he said. "You're faced with significant challenges in trying to break new product into the market."

The rising costs of developing blockbuster games has also raised the stakes. "When you're talking about a budget that's $100mn plus, even for a big company, if you miss with two or three of those then commercially you're on the ropes," Harding-Rolls said.

That has driven a Hollywood-style dependence on rebooting the same big franchises by Sony, Microsoft, Electronic Arts and other big games companies. At the same time, entertainment giants are showing a renewed interest in gaming — adding new competition for existing players in a shrinking market.

Disney made a $1.5bn investment in Fortnite's creator Epic Games this month to create what the studio's chief Bob Iger called "a huge Disney universe that will be for gaming and for play", while Netflix is also expanding its games offering.

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Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors said that the current reduction in workforce at the company and across the industry is "something that everyone needs to get through," later adding that the group's strategy has been to cut the things that have "the lowest chance of success going forward" and to only keep "the most iconic studios."

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Hello I am l looking for people to play TTT with. If you are interested please message me. we could also play other gamemodes as well. I'm looking for people who are preferably in the CET timezone.


So, I'm going to get a retroid pocket 4 pro. Its the best option I found. What are some (fdroid) games I can look into? I plan of stuffing it with ROMs too.

Anyone have any experience with the system?

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The street sweeper has a decent work-life balance. She takes her job very seriously. She guides her broom with intent, and her gaze is directed at the ground at all times. She sweeps meticulously, almost gingerly even. There is one particular spot she pays special attention to. For over two and a half hours she does nothing but sweep this one small area. And yet, all the effort doesn’t lead to any visible changes. No matter how diligently she sweeps, the sidewalk remains dusty and full of dried mud.

[…] Does the launderess dream of her desires, of the things she might see or become? Does she work this hard because she believes it is her job that will emancipate her? Turn her dreams into reality, some day, at the terminal station of her infinite loop of labor performance?

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What have you all been playing!

Ive been grinding out binding of Isaac challenges. Yesterday I beat ultra hard which is something I never wish to put myself through again 😊 😮‍💨

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It's really nice to see how they continue to cater to player quality of life, lots of great improvements both for new and returning players here.

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Any Derail Valley players here?

I made a community for us, come and join!


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