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They won’t even compile games for Linux as it is, and a lot of the ports we do get are awful ones that run significantly worse than the Windows versions do through Proton, so expecting publishers to start putting all their PC games on a different architecture entirely, just for the sake of handhelds like this, is completely unrealistic

I've been pretty happy with the Steam Deck, and pretty much all the games I wanted to play worked just fine. Steam Deck is also selling quite well, so clearly I'm not an outlier.

And I've already explained in detail why RISC SoC architecture is far better than anything possible with x86.

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New ARM chips would also need to only emulate the speeds of current x86 chips as opposed to future ones to support the current crop of games. The idea would be that new games would be compiled natively. Most games nowadays use a handful of engines, so it's really a matter of porting the engine to the new platform. There are a number of architecture differences that make chips like Apple M series and new Qualcomm chips strictly superior to anything Intel or AMD are putting out. This article does a good overview. The gist is that there are two main advantages. System on a chip architecture eliminates the need for the bus, so GPU, CPU, and any other cores can all share memory directly. The other big advantage is that RISC instructions have a fixed sized, you can read a batch of instructions figure out which ones are independent, and then run those in parallel. This approach scales to a large number of cores. On the other hand, CISC instructions are variable length and this makes this approach impossible to scale. AMD discovered that past parallelizing 3-4 instructions the cost of figuring out dependencies exceeds the benefits of running them in parallel.

My overall argument here is that the chip simply has to run enough current games well enough, and that new games would target the chip natively. And I'm going to point out that Steam Deck clearly shows that using an emulation layer as a bridge is a perfectly viable approach.

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Care to explain what motivation you believe Reuters has to publish a malicious misleading article about Canada. This frankly sounds like a weird conspiracy theory.

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The real question is how many billions they're gonna get in government subsidies.

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There are two separate statistics here. One is the overall emigration rate from Canada and the second is emigration rate of immigrants. You're using overall emigration rate which is predominantly Canadians moving to the states.

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The actual point the article makes is that people who immigrate to Canada are now leaving. What the article is saying is that Canada is becoming less attractive place to immigrate to, and increasing percentage of people who have immigrated to Canada are leaving. The fact that emigration from Canada hasn't hit the point it was at in the 90s isn't all that relevant here, it's the direction of travel that matters.

Furthermore, vast majority of emigration from Canada was to the US, and the fact that less people are moving to US is more of a factor of US becoming unlivable than people choosing to stay in Canada because conditions in Canada are improving. The benefit of moving to US and getting much higher pay than before simply doesn't exist today.

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go back to reddit already

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What's going to be really neat is if we get Linux handhelds using these new Qualcomm chips that are similar to Apple M series chips in terms of performance and power consumption.

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China's carbon emissions are now entering structural decline thanks to the massive push in renewables and nuclear https://www.theguardian.com/business/2023/nov/13/chinas-carbon-emissions-set-for-structural-decline-from-next-year

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US is directly complicit in the genocide now.

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I love how libs immediately bleat about Trump when presented with the fact that it's their chosen savior doing a genocide. These people have no actual morals.

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Every civilian death in Gaza going forward is a direct consequence of US actions. US is directly responsible for facilitating a genocide.

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