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An awesome new app just got released for free on itch.io, that lets Fedizens create their own MTG-style playing cards.

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February 20, 2024 piefedadmin writes:

For a very small instance with only a couple of concurrent users a CDN might not make much difference. But if you take a look at your web server logs you’ll quickly notice that every post / like / vote triggers a storm of requests from other instances to yours, looking up lots of different things. It’s easy to imagine how quickly this would overwhelm an instance once it gets even a little busy.

One of the first web performance tools people reach for is to use a CDN, like Cloudflare. But how much difference will it make? In this video I show you my web server logs before and after and compare them.

Read How much difference does a CDN make to a fediverse instance?


I think as the community grows, more search engines will start including us!


@fediverse Fediverse user growth jumped to ~50'000'000 users. What happened ?
The FediDB *Fediverse User Growth* graph shows a significant jump in user count in February. Software distribution is also 81% *other*, and the biggest server is fediverse.hanbitgaram.com with 39 million users ! What happened ?

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We sat down and chatted with Shawn Grigson from Oliphant, who gave us a fascinating and detailed view of what crowdsourced community moderation looks like.

He weighed in on challenges and headaches, and a possible way forward for brighter and better things in the Fediverse.


It's been inaccessible for roughly 24hrs right now and I'm having a hard time finding any group talking about it. Was there a change recently, or some kind of an explanation posted?


Hi friends, I managed to get a few services running (Mobilizon, Mastodon, PeerTube etc.), and I'm just now realizing that by default none of these federated networks are subscribed to anything?

I'm going to be the only one using these services so I don't care about moderation or defederation. Is there no "subscribe all" button?

And if not, are there comprehensive lists somewhere I can download and import?

Thanks in advance.

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For context: I recently set up a Funkwhale instance for Communick subscribers, where people can upload their music collection, stream on mobile/web and share with their friends. That's useful already and can be thought of as a replacement to the original Google Play Music, but I guess that those with large music collections will either just play from their dedicated devices or self-host a service like Navidrome.

So I'd like to make my instance a bit more interesting by building tools for (a) musicians wishing to connect with their audience and use the space to showcase their own work and (b) people who want to support independent musicians but don't want to commit paying a few dollars every month to lots of different people - the main complaint about Patreon after all is that those little contributions end up amounting to a lot of money.

In terms of funding, what I'd like to do is let users set up a fixed monthly budget (say $10-$25 per month) to be split between all the artists that are enrolled in the platform, however they want. One user might decide to get 100% of my budget and give to one artist, another might choose to give 10% to one and 1% to 90 other musicians. In the end of the month, the system would tally up everyone's contributions and make the payout accordingly.

I wouldn't even have to take a cut of these donations, because my business model already has revenue by simply providing the service.

Is this something that you'd see yourself using? I know that Bandcamp is king in this space, but with the recent changes maybe there is an opportunity to get more artists and supporters to the Fediverse.


Bridgy Fed made a splash earlier this week by announcing its latest progress in connecting the Fediverse to Bluesky and Nostr. Sadly, not everyone was welcoming.


We recently chatted with two of the devs involved with Bonfire. Honestly, they have some really amazing ideas about building a modular Fediverse platform that developers can build on for their own apps.

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I would like to introduce you to the tool I have developed in last 2 days.

As you know, when you create a new community on Lemmy, it is initially only available to your instance until users in other instances follows too. To fix this, this tool automatically follows the community from remote instances.

I have previously published a similar but simpler version at boost.lemy.lol and now I remade it because I didn't like some of its features. This time, instance admins will be able to strictly choose which instances they will allow or not. I'm open to your suggestions about different settings.

Please ask your instance admin to add their instance to this tool. To add it as an admin, all you have to do is log in and activate it from the settings.


Here's some tasks I'll implement in the future: https://github.com/ismailkarsli/lemmy-federate/issues

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At the end of 2023, we ran a census on lemmy.ca. Analyzing the data took a little longer than I thought it would, but the results are now available!

To see the post, you can do one of:

  • Use this link: https://lemmy.ca/post/15125231
    • On mobile, your app should open it in your home instance
    • On desktop, you can use the InstanceAssistant extension to redirect the post
  • Open !main@lemmy.ca and see the pinned posts

I didn't do a regular crosspost in case there is an error in the results. This way I only need to fix one post instead of many.

Hope you enjoy :)

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  1. Harry Potter Fandoms will be a part of the Fediverse one way or the other. It’s better to shape this development rather than being overwhelmed by it.
  2. Harry Potter Fandoms are a huge opportunity for the Fediverse. Look at what the collaboration of Lego and Disney brought to Fortnite. People want to spend time in places, in which they feel familiar and welcomed. I'm not saying collaborating with big companies here, what I'm saying is: the Fediverse needs to be filled with life and we have to use that opportunity first, before others do.
  3. Don't throw the opinions of J.K. Rowling and its fandom in one bucket. It’s one of the biggest in the world, there is a broad range of opinions and people.
  4. The Fediverse needs more projects that immediately make sense to people. Projects that you tell a person about, and they say: "Oh, yeah, that makes sense." Mastodon in comparison to Twitter was such a thing: its billionaire proof. Everybody gets why that's a good thing. A better, more open place to build Harry Potter fan sites could be another.
  5. The project (including other places like this that may follow) could also become another attractive place on the Fediverse for the open-source community. Who wouldn’t be excited to help build the world of Harry Potter?

All of this is of course up for discussion. I'm a very stubborn person but I'm also able to listen ;)

Edit: I removed "queer friendly" from the description. Its not a claim that I can fully uphold anyways. Instead, it has a no tolerancy policy against transphobia, which is more clear and probably easier to enforce.

Here is the link: https://diagonlemmy.social


Before you start throwing 💩 , hear me out...

I'm a huge fan of the fediverse...it's returning to the original design of the Internet...where everyone can communicate freely and openly and corporations have a very difficult time pulling anything creepy that LinkedIn/Twitter (yes, I'll still call it Twitter)/Facebook does.

But I sense a huge frustration with businesses that want to network with others but feel their hands are tied by these walled gardens.

I figure, why not make the fediverse business friendly?

Right now most people on Mastodon/Lemmy/etc. seem to be more of the anarchist/weekend hacker types. So part of my concern with this is that it would taint the fediverse with a bunch of spam. But by the same token it would also help grow the job market and provide opportunities for people that they may not have had on LinkedIn. Of course, I'd stress for anyone on the site to operate in a community-first mindset.

So, some question...

  1. Would this type of instance be met with disgust? I mean, obviously the great thing about the fediverse is that you can block servers you don't want on the network, but having the instance blocked would kind of defeat the purpose. 😅

  2. If you're excited by the idea, what things would you like to see? In my own armchair brainstorming, I thought joint accounts would be a good idea, as well as analytics.

  3. Suggestion for already-existing platform? Can't find a good one that would be ready-to-go to build off of. There's friendica, but I'm not much of a fan of PHP, and it seems to not have great adoption, either.

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