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Aldi also significantly dropped prices here (Austria) on plant based products, so I feel like it's coming along

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You got your own style. Cool!

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Define "Germany" - we had different governments over the years with different stances towards him

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I like meat alternatives but dairy alternatives are just bad.

This so much.

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Good point. I'm mostly talking about the voice interaction part tho

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It's an interesting idea and I see sth like this being used by people who struggle with using tiny phone screens or computers in general, like my grandparents.

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How can I unsee?

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Yeah like I said, I think the person was being social and ignorant at the same time. The world is not black and white and I'm not saying they did bad. I just think a lazy question deserves a lazy answer.

And YouTube actually has videos about this exact process. It's not like I'm shitposting by pointing towards some abstract entity with no meaningful help or knowledge.

Things said, no hate or anything from me ♥️ hope everyone finds what they looking for and people have more patience than me, with those preferring conversation over quick answers to their questions ;)

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I get the social part, but to me it seemed that the person was not even trying to inform themselves about the basics a bit before engaging in a discussion. This way you're just getting the same questions over and over again and the same answers.

Out of respect I always at least try to get some info before asking people questions. This way both sides may profit because you might also be able to contribute new information they didn't know about.

And if you don't wanna use YouTube you can still use Newpipe/Startpage e.g... it's not impossible to find alternative means.

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It's a game you can't win, because power vacuums are just filled by already existing power monopols.

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I hope you don't see my comment today ;)

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Leider sind die meisten eine Hölle was Lautstärkeisolierung angeht

ich🧀iel (feddit.de)
submitted 3 weeks ago* (last edited 3 weeks ago) by Anamana@feddit.de to c/ich_iel@feddit.de
submitted 7 months ago* (last edited 7 months ago) by Anamana@feddit.de to c/liftoff@lemmy.world

See title. I'm grateful to the app creators, but as I use this app on a daily basis it hurts that I have to switch to sync just to get a proper grasp on what people are replying to regarding my comments.

The normal option, when pushing on replies, doesn't go high enough on the context chain. The context option however goes too high, adds extra 'side' replies and I find myself searching for my initial comment again, which is a painful and avoidable task.

A rework would greatly be appreciated. F.e. it would help if the context option would focus on the new reply and let me decide how far I want to scroll upwards. Instead of just focussing on the top level comment.

Some feedback (feddit.de)
submitted 9 months ago* (last edited 9 months ago) by Anamana@feddit.de to c/liftoff@lemmy.world

Hey there thanks for the app and all, I really like using it :) some feedback from me:

On the UI, I think the floating plus button on the homescreen is unnecessary, as searching for a sub/finding it in the subscription list and pressing the create button is just as fast. The fab plus takes up too much space unnecessarily imo. But I understand if this is a personal preference by some of the creators.

In the menu were we select federations, lemmyworld is also avalaible. I'm part of Feddit, but not lemmyworld. Would it be possible to use my account from feddit for upvotes and comments while browsing lemmyworld's ALL? Until now it's too much of a burden with 'open in other instance'.. just takes too many interactions. I have the feddit stream, but I appreciate the different content on lemmyworld.

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