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My partner can't view webp/webm content on ios either. It's a real pain once in a while.

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The problem with recipes is that people tend to add their flavor to it. Meaning, importing bulk recipes imports a lot of trash.

I started that way and quickly went back to: add one recipe after the other. Sometimes you may add a couple but only a couple which will be altered over the weeks to meet your standard.

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95% paypal, linguee and banking apps

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You have to reboot for an image update. Hence, you can update the computers at different times and days.

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If the os works always (atomic image based distro), and the docker container work, and both can roll back easily. What else could go wrong?

Don't overthink it :)

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You also roll back package versions. I'm not sure what problems could arise.

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You don't need the staggered rollout since it won't boot into a broken image and you can boot easily into an old one if you don't like the new one. E.g. fedora atomic.

I'm not up to date with vanilla os for the debian world if it is on par with fedora.

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Maybe you could switch to an image based distro which is easy to roll back and won't boot into a broken image.

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Where can I buy linux stickers?

Probably, I'd like to get some red hat stickers. Tux is too sweet and fedora is just white and blue. A red hat is more striking.

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In my experience kde is very stable. A "lot" of "instability" comes from third party features. I didn't click on the link, btw.

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Bitcoin != most cryptocurrencies

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Nothing. I heavenly used both. You can customize kde through the in built settings tools and with GNOME you have to install another app to do it. Same outcome. A user can customize kde a bit more. It's both still linux with the same underlying system.

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Because it's not updated often enough. Fedora is stable and up to date. Especially fedora atomic has a huge added value compared to debian.

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is there a bookmark manager like jabref for linux url bookmarks?

I use Jabref for papers and books. I group and rate them and keep track of reading status. There are a lot of websites that also provide valuable information but firefox' bookmark manager can't be used to rate sites or make comments. I can manually add links which is cumbersome.

Is there a similar tool like jabref for internet links?

In the optimal case it would take firefox' bookmarks and work with them such that I can bookmark a site with Ctrl+D and do all the site related work within that manager.

edit: Bonus, if it automatically fetches the article to preserve it

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Today, I wanted to have another go with nix. Previously I just read about it and didn't do anything for a couple of months. Now, I installed nix package manager with very few lines of code and two more to install many packages as described in his post. Installation was very fast on my banana laptop. Until now I used distrobox but I always wondered which distro/ package manager to use. What's your experience with it? For now, I'll test it. It's super easy to use. It may not be straight forward to a linux newcomer but if you know what you want, e.g. ffmpeg you can just add it with home-manager edit and install it with home-manager switch. So far, I love it!


I wonder if there is a nptocable difference between a HDD and SSD. Did someone already test it? I run it off a good SSD but wonder if a HDD would be enough.

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What's up with homebrew that you'd have it installed by default on linux?

I don't understand the appeal of it, can someone help me?

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I just bought a new computer. I'll install fedora silverblue. Do I just need to copy the home directory? And crontab. What else do I need to move?

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Do you guys have good resources on how to feed your dog vegan?

There are a lot of pages online that simply say "consult an advisor" who will calculate what your dog needs. I'm not bad in maths, I could calculate it myself if I'd knew what the dog needs. I can look into commercial dog food ingrediants but there are declarations like "minerals" without any further specificiations. Moreover, I eat a huge variety in differrent vegetables and food in general, yet my dog shall always eat the same according to vegan complete feed. Moreover, I can not properly judge whether a feed is good because the information is missing.

Where does the nutritionist get his information from? There must be someone who has studied the needs of a dog based on size and breed and created a formula such that you can calculate the servings.

I've looked into books on amazon and the comments are horrible. There's nothing on libgen and google scholar doesn't yield appropriate results.


I'm checking out flowly right now. I'm looking for a kanban board that optimally connects with a todo list and calendar, preferably webdav (but no must). what can you guys recommend?

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Whats your fav kanban board for linux (and android)?

I know of planka, obsidian and nextcloud deck. What's your favorite tool?

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