[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 7 points 1 day ago

Just watched this episode. It was as fun as a Q episode can be. Slightly annoying that the omnipotent beings can come around and NOT whoosh Voyager forward on the journey home.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 2 points 1 day ago

Have you considered searching the GitHub issues?

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 77 points 3 days ago

I love how the ONE time they did, all the fears were validated.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 22 points 1 month ago

Is this driver advocating to prevent the extinction of manual transmission vehicles, or are we to preserve product documentation ?

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 22 points 2 months ago

You’ll need to be far more descriptive than “I can’t get it to work.” I can almost guarantee you that Fedora is not the problem.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 11 points 2 months ago

I’m amused by the spoilers tag used for a question about a movie that was released in 1986.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 23 points 3 months ago

self-hosted doesn't have to mean 'hosted at home'

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 11 points 4 months ago

If you really want to serve the self-hosting community, please improve your documentation. As someone unfamiliar with this product, I have no idea what to do with this once I clone the repo. I hunted and found a compose.yaml file, but it's not clear if this is all I need.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 12 points 8 months ago

Not really a ‘hmmm’. Not sure how widely-used the term is in non-church settings, but this is the room where you take children who start crying during a church service. It’s intended to be a place for them to calm down and/or the parent to get control. It can also be the room where nursing mothers feed their babies.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 30 points 10 months ago

The monthly payment on my 25-year, 7% loan for my solar installation is less than the average power bill. My solar system generates more than I need. Assuming rates never go down, I’m in good shape.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 10 points 11 months ago

I like Legal Eagle and watched this for his portion. Otherwise, this video is an atrocious presentation. The character being portrayed is tedious to listen to. Which is a shame because this would be a topic worth listening to being discussed by someone that wasn’t trying to hard to be exhausting.

[-] HybridSarcasm@lemmy.world 10 points 1 year ago

Seriously? Do we have to create a "no posts about what's happening on Reddit" rule?

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