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Based on a date you don't tell us

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"Tonight on ABC, Middle Aged Man...starring..."

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Some old ones to add (and some have Hollywood remakes now) BUT:

  • Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • Let the Right One In
  • Troll

... Just now realizing I lean heavily toward darker subject matter for foreign movies...

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Are they upset they didn't get hit with the xz backdoor?

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There are girlfriends professors?

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All planes land eventually

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Oh no!

Well anyway, I use Arch btw

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I thought this would be dead simple but trying to label a road as "bike-friendly" isn't as intuitive as one would hope (am I "adding" a road even though it's technically there or reporting "wrong info" piece by piece?)

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It said the 62-year-old had died from a "self-inflicted" wound on 9 March and police were investigating.

Assuming there's nothing more insidious than what's thus far reported and maybe even if there is, this would be far and away the most damming thing a person could do to Boeing in the long run

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Not sure if Poland is Hell or Hell is Polish

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Snake oil salesman

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Anybody who thinks this is funny isn't considering the banker underwriting a loan using an NFT as collateral; it's actually hilarious

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