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No, that's a stew. A coup is a long procession that's waiting for something.

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I'm lucky enough to have been financially able to buy a home. I had help making the down payment, but we've now got a 30 year mortgage. My monthly payments are less than what I was paying for rent, less than the average rent in the city by almost a third. I got this place with two above-average incomes, and had the good fortune to get it during the COVID housing and interest rate dip, and I still needed extra help.

If someone is stuck with renting, they're likely paying more than they would for a mortgage. They can't save up the money because they're already lagging behind, and the housing market isn't coming down in price, and wages absolutely aren't keeping pace. No one is saying a house would "lock them down," they're pointing out they can never afford it because they can't even come up with the money to show the bank they can save because they're already paying above the potential mortgage payments every month.

But you're saying they won't, not can't, so what should they do to come up with the money? Start selling kidneys? 78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, and that same link shows 71% have less than $2000 in their savings. So where exactly are people supposed to shit out your hypothetical $30,000?

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I absolutely appreciate all the work done recently, but I was wondering if there was any chance we could get thumbnails that, when clicked, don't have ?thumbnail=1500&format=webp appended to them. For some posts, it doesn't make a difference, but for longer posts, or posts with smaller text, it makes the image blurry unless you click into the post comments, and select the image there. It feels like a needless extra step when trying to open an image.


Opening the inbox automatically brings up "mentions," but if you want to see private messages, you can click at the top and choose "all messages." Clicking any of those options though will crash the app. You can still access those options through the side window, just not the dropdown at the top while viewing the inbox.

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We are the Dorg. You will become a good boy. Resistance is futile.

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Is that an actual screenshot from the game?

I take it you're not familiar with famous lawyer Saul Goodman.

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Treasure Planet has solar sails used as the energy source for propulsion for ships.

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I've heard that and decided to look myself. According to their fundraising report for fiscal year 2021/22, they received $165.2m from 13m people. Removing "major gifts," $20.8m (only 18,000 people), it comes out to a bit over $11 per person. Additionally, they got $13.5m to their trust, the Wikimedia Endowment (average donation of $13.91/person). So definitely, most of their income comes from small donations.

As to whether they need it, according to their FY 21/22 financials statement, they're sitting on $198m in assets ($51m of which is cash), with an additional $52m they can't touch because they're long-term investments. However, their expenditures made up $154m. In total, they're reporting they netted $8m last year for additional assets, but assuming that everyone stopped donating, Wikipedia would probably die in a year, even with liquidation of short-term assets.


I've been trying to figure out what the culprit is for this, but haven't found anything in the settings. This post, for example, has text that's pretty unreadable because it's forcing a lower resolution on it.

The image that's given is https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/fac38222-c5e7-448c-83e2-218d54e350eb.jpeg?thumbnail=1500&format=webp, but when you clean up the URL to https://lemmy.world/pictrs/image/fac38222-c5e7-448c-83e2-218d54e350eb.jpeg, it's perfectly legible. In fact, if you choose to share the post link from the nested 3-dot menu on the share option (from the 3-dot on the post), it'll give you the cleaned URL.

I've set it up to use both auto DPI and 400, the highest manual setting here, but it's done nothing. Likewise, the max zoom setting doesn't affect it, and I can't find any way to get it to stop adding extra parameters to the URL. Is there a setting I'm missing, or is this supposed to be intended behavior?

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There's a virus in the station that's giving everyone aphasia.

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