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Diogenes once wandered a manosphere rally with a lamp in broad daylight, looking for a man. He couldn't find one.

When Plato defined a woman as a 'adult human with a feminine appearance', Diogenes burst through the doors of Plato's academy in drag, and said, "Behold a woman!" Plato revised his definition to 'adult human with a feminine self-identity'.

Diogenes was once invited into the house of a transphobe. He found nowhere to spit except their face.

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This has so many problems. Like, starting with the fact that the CIA never admits anything unless the entire rest of the US government puts a gun to their head, and sometimes not even then, so why would they be able to be blackmailed? It comes down to "Your fabricated evidence vs. CIA fabricated evidence", and the CIA is probably better at fabricating evidence, tbh.

Another being that, historically, the CIA has assassinated foreign journalists and... the world didn't unite against us. Like, it was a blip on the international relations radar. Which, while fucked up, suggests that it's a terrible fucking choice to try to blackmail the CIA with.

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I don't know that Soviet iconography is the best choice here.

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Fun (/s) fact! Israel has killed a higher percentage of Gaza's civilian population after some four months than the percentage of the Japanese civilian population killed by the US in all of WW fucking 2, including the mass terror bombing campaigns and the atomic bombings (1.2% of the civilian population vs. .9% of the civilian population)

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Jesus. Look at those comments. Reddit has gotten considerably worse since the exodus.

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"anti trans"

You mean "non trans" ('cis' being the technical term), right? "anti trans" implies hostility towards trans folk

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Oh damn, your certification ran out?

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lmao, user history marks an obvious bootlicker.

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Even the best monarchs do not justify monarchy; it is a position inherently created for abuse. You may have a good king, or two, or ten - even kings who WILL put your wellbeing before their own interests - but invariably they will always be outnumbered by those who seek the position for the sake of abuse, or who succumb to the structure of the position which encourages abuse. Likewise with landlording. The problem isn't with individuals, the problem is with the system.

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Elegant in its simplicity.

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Genuine question: won't they just move to spamming CSAM in other communities?

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Unfortunate, but I understand the necessity of avoiding legal troubles as a volunteer group.

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