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Okay. That's fucking hysterical

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The criticism is worthless though as 95% of it was applied to every other new Trek to be released

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They're not identical though. Just like Lorca was never set up for it.

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Fuck Trump and I genuinely hope he doesn't live long but assassination is obscene. First, it's just abhorrent. Second, you'll make him a fuckin martyr.

Either way this is insanity. That shot of Trump bloody with fist up in front of the flag is going to be plastered everywhere for months.

Step the FUCK DOWN BIDEN. You're now an old man stumbling through gaffe after gaffe and Trump was given a massive free PR boost. Not to mention he will 100% use this as justification to go after political rivals.

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I'm with you buddy. On pretty much everything. There are things in Rise of Skywalker I like (Rey's new lightsaber is bitching but I also actually do like her taking the name Skywalker) but most of it feels like it was written by 14 people at the same time. But the sequels in general I do like quite a bit. BB8 is adorable, Rey is awesome, Finn is hot as balls, Poe can equally get it and I loved seeing Carrie Fisher back in the saddle

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(until they did the haha he’s actually super space Hitler rug-pull)

My guy, they had him admit to blowing up his own vessel and killing everyone on board. He openly ignored Starfleets protocols surrounding new life and sentient life by sanctioning the effective torture of a creature to power the spore drive. He rejected admirals and went against their orders frequently. He slept with a gun under his pillow. He was shown to be collecting torture implements that are psychotically illegal from the entire galaxy and having a creepy room filled with those implements that also happened to have its own independent brig.

It isn't much of a rug pull if you looked down at any point...

Edit: -

He was also gathering navigational data the entire time and actively punched in extra coordinates into the Spore Drive from the Captains Chair. He then gave a long stare into the camera and said "Lets go home".

  • He was exceptionally pragmatic in military strategy which isn't so common in Starfleet in general.

  • The season is also littered with mirror imagery. First time Lorca is introduced is through a reflection in his window. Stamets has his mirror moment in episode 4.

  • He's also littered with scars, including ones that are consistent with the shape of an Agonizer. He showed extreme interest in someone willing to break one of the biggest rules in Starfleet and used his power to pull her into his reach through some wildly sketchy means.

  • The light sensitivity wasn't an obvious one as it was a new thing, it was used to canonize why all the Mirror Universe episodes in DS9 and Enterprise are dimly lit and darker, but even that hints that he's not 'normal'.

  • He also behaved weirdly with Admiral Cornwall who knew him well and she even mentions that he's not the same person she knew.

  • He actively set her up for something he suspected to be an ambush and then refused to go save her despite risking the ship repeatedly before. Something Saru even questioned at the time.

  • He's even eating the same food that Burnham is served in the Mirror Universe.

Like I said. Isn't much of a rug pull if you look down.

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Yes. There are people on this community who frequently complain about the show. One dude was outright banned because he refused to accept LD as canon or any animated show as canon while being hyper dismissive and aggressive about that stance.

They're out there and they're not that unicorn-esque. They just generally don't say anything because they don't want to go against the grain. Same reason why the people who loathe Discovery are multiple factors louder than the fans. Anytime I said I liked Discovery on reddit I got jumped by every Trekkie who claimed that I clearly wasn't a real fan.

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Personally I'd put the SNW musical top tier but YoH is a very close second

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All Trek is equal.

With the exception of Code of Honor and that racist ass shit they wrote for Chakotay

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Save us indeed. From Robert Beltran...

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It's almost like people throw a fit over everything new for little reason other than not what they're used to. TNG was whined about. Ds9. Voyager. Discovery is in good company. Still Trek, no matter what anyone whines otherwise

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