So yeah, my life is a pile of, well you can guess. Its not that the job is hard, nor is it overwhelming for me, however my life is crap and my mental state is very dark, so I do not believe I can mod this community the way it should be run. Again, there is not a lot of work to do, and the admin team seems to be on top of it much more then I am, so I think we should bring one other person into the team, then I can leave without feeling like I'm abandoning the community. So my idea is to take some names of folks who are willing to mod, and then I put it to a vote, the top one or two get the job


I'm in my 40s and just got my first sport bike, been riding dirt bikes before I was 10 and street bikes by 14. I've always liked cruisers and choppers, never had a crotch rocket style.

After a month of having a cbr600f2, I'm convince there is a correlation with how kids slept as as babies and what bikes they like to ride (if at all)

Babies who slept on their backs better, like cruisers, babies who preferred to sleep on their bellies, like sport bikes!

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Finally done the move, still setting up but at least I'm back online!

Looks like shit kinda hit the fan a few times while I was gone, did y'all really miss me that much?

I wont be online as often for a week or two still, but soon enough!

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 25 points 3 months ago

From Wiki

Mark Wiseman (born 1970)[1] is a Canadian businessman and financier. He is currently the chair of the Alberta Investment Management Corporation.[2] He was formerly a manager at BlackRock. Prior to 2016, Wiseman was President and CEO of the Canada Pension Plan Investment Board (CPPIB).

somehow I dont think this guy really gives a shit about a single one of the people in Canada, other than how much money we can make him

submitted 3 months ago* (last edited 3 months ago) by UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca to c/pcgaming@lemmy.ca

As most of you might remember, I had asked a little while ago how to go about picking a new mod (or two) to help out.

First off, there is little to no work actually involved other than checking in, last report was 9 days ago, and when things like the bots who were mass posting happen, the admin are on top of that real fast and it was done and over with by the time I logged in again. I'm not asking because the workload is requiring it, no, its more that I was wanting at least one more person. This way a community this size (i have no idea if ours is considered large or active tbh) can have more than one active mod. Much less chance of perceived bias here, now there has been no mention of it to me but I don't want it to get that far even.

I'm looking for one or two more folks to help out around here. This job is paid with bits and bytes sent to your pc or phone while your on this site, so do with them bytes and bits as you see fit, in accordance with all laws mind you. I'm more than willing to send you a digital cookie 🍪 once a month if that helps out.

I'm not looking to pass the torch and split, like our last overlord, however if something would happen to me or my internet for a long spell, only the admin could pass off the mod to someone else.

Anyone up for the job?

submitted 4 months ago by UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca to c/pcgaming@lemmy.ca

Not like there is a lot of work, or reports. You are all a good bunch, plus the admin team seems to get to most of the reports before I do, making me more or less useless!

So I'm thinking of bringing on someone else, this way I cant be bias, well less chance anyways, and the guy who got me to mod seems to have gone away, never to be found again. Hope hes safe!

But yeah, I think one person being a mod with a community this large is not right. How do you all want me to pick the next ~~superhero~~ mod here? Eeny, meeny, miny, moe seems like a great idea to me, but I'm a stoner.


[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 35 points 4 months ago

as a person who has birds, i can 100% confirm this as true

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 31 points 5 months ago

Bed Sheet Suspenders, 100%


Come across a few different aspect ratios, however 5760x1080 seems to be for rare idiots like me with 3-27" curved. My current setup is not ideal, but modding my desk today so im not so close.

Overkill? Oh yeah, but I do enjoy it!

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 28 points 5 months ago

ummm...stroking my bird. Thats not a euphemism, so dont ask any followup questions.

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I'm just sitting here thinking about all the hoopla around palworld right now and I was wondering what other titles out there have been in the controversy filled category in the past few years/decade? I can think of a few, but my game interests are kinda narrow.

What are some of your picks?

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 36 points 6 months ago

here in canada where it freezes 17 months out of the year, 99.9% of the houses have shutoff valve inside the house that supplies the outside tap. id recommend turning on the outside tap, then turn off the valve inside.

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 30 points 6 months ago

seems like I will no longer be paying for prime. that's honestly the reason I started in the first place, shipping was secondary to me.

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Well, since the last idea I had for the community crashed, burned and the ashes blew away in the wind. So for shits and giggles I'm giving 24hrs to post basically whatever.

No NSFW, or other stuff that breaks the basic rules of lemmy, just dont be me...dont be a dick.

I'm posting this pic cause im wondering if the speakers are overkill? whats not shown is the 4speaker centre channel, or the exact matching rear speakers that are the same as the fronts. Fine. You twisted my rubber arm, I'll clean and take a current pic and post it in a bit.

Lets see your setups...the 'battlestation' community here on lemmy is just a reddit repost bot and wont let original content.

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I'm kinda new to linux, however I seem to remember running a headless ububtu server years back. Also remember it took a long time to setup being my first headless server.

So, to my current issues. I just installed mint on an old pc and just want to use it to run my security cams, store the files, and host my nas. Took me over 6 hours to get the raid setup properly, so much differing information on 'how to' for noobs like myself, but managed to get it working and moving files over to raid file now.

Coming from mostly windows crap most of my life, its confusing where and how the raid is setup, and honestly I'm still not convinced I did it right, but everything I check says it is, and I'm sure it knows better than I do.

Ok, now the issue, how in the ever lovin shit can I just share that stupid folder/disk to my network. 90% of the options are greyed out while looking at the properties tab, and need sudo access to change it, so whats the point in having the gui? Am I just dumb and smoked way too many doobies? Got samba installed, but not configured yet, only cause I ran across much more conflicting info, some said in mint its easy like windows...right click and share that shit, easy right? Even I didn't think so, and I'm ok with that, I'm really sick of windows and want to convert all the pc's but damn....stiff learning curve.

Don't get me wrong, I ran DOS back in the day, and I was not bad at it, better than your normal user at the time but by no means a power user. So I should be able to grab the concept quickly, but I am failing. Total of 12 hrs on this now and considering just putting win7 back on this pig and giving up.

I know no one can give me direct answers, and not looking for tech support, but looking for advice so im not wanting to 'hulk smash' this thing

submitted 7 months ago by UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca to c/pcgaming@lemmy.ca

Lets try our first Meme Monday and see how it goes!

Lets keep it SFW, and pc gaming related. If you think its appropriate, post it and lets find out together. If it gets lots of downvotes, I wont remove it, but that will give me a good baseline for next week.

submitted 7 months ago by UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca to c/pcgaming@lemmy.ca

I'll be renaming it next week, hopefully we get some more interest next week, if not, no big deal. Hit and a miss, but I'm trying!

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I delivered food many many man....you get the idea, years ago, long before the delivery apps, and even before the interwebs. The short answer is: No, we/they are not supposed to do that.

I cannot be sure, as I quit because of asshats who cheat the system and screw over the customer. I understand why they do it, we stopped making money once the apps came into existence. Back in the day, I made $300+ after expenses on Valentine's Day, and now it be a good night if I made $100 before expenses. However the jerks will run multiple phones, accounts, and apps, at once. So they will pick up your order, head to McD's to wait for the order to be ready. Stop to deliver it, and if there is another pickup on the way to your house, guess what, they are stopping. They call you because it can/will/might save them a minute or two, added up over the night, that could amount to a couple extra deliveries.

Again, I'm only assuming by what I've seen on the other side of the app and the asshat drivers who have taken over, and I do NOT condone that practice at all.

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 32 points 8 months ago

either you are paid by google to make accounts seem like real people behind them, and spread propaganda for google, or you are a young kid who has yet to grasp the reality of what google is telling you they do vs what they actually do.

Do you think the tobacco producers are spouting how great their product is at giving folks cancer? you must be too young to remember cigarette ads, and how 9 out of 10 Dr.'s recommend a particular brand of smokes.

Google wants your information, they want to sell you shit, that is all. They will make it easier to get that data, and easier to buy from them, but dont for one second think they give one ounce of a shit about you, or your life as long as you stay on their platform and spend money on them

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 35 points 8 months ago

Millions of years ago, the flying fish ancestors sees his cousin crawl out of the ocean and walk on land for the first time.

Says "Yeah? You think that's cool? Hold my beer"

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 38 points 8 months ago

honestly, sounds like you are looking for a comment section on a news network to me. maybe im missing something.

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 38 points 10 months ago* (last edited 10 months ago)

personally, i only downvote loaded questions where the OP really has no interest in the answer. example of a stupid question posted here “Why is science better than the alternative? (And what is that alternative, exactly?)”

[-] UncleBadTouch@lemmy.ca 30 points 10 months ago

Windows 22

someone has an advanced copy

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