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Nah Galveston is Carcinogen Coast.

Houston is "want to drive to X? 30 minutes". No matter how close it is.

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Something like that. It's an incredibly weird term.

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Oh I saw CNN air this. They had absolutely no pity for the tears and the anchors basically said "sucks to suck, doesn't exactly inspire sympathy"

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I dislike doubting polls, but there's just some odd stuff in here.

  • 10% go for RFK Jr, and it's equal siphoning from both parties? 10%?!
  • 20% more people blame Biden for Roe being overturned than Trump?
  • They're TIED with Gen Z voters? TIED?!
  • After the absolute thrashing that Republicans have received on abortion, only like 50% of women would break for Biden?

This is a poll of just the 5 key states, but this part of their methodology gives me significant pause as well: "To further ensure that the results reflect the entire voting population, not just those willing to take a poll, we give more weight to respondents from demographic groups underrepresented among survey respondents, like people without a college degree. "

Emphasis mine. There could be a huge skew. And these results don't make sense. The other NYT poll from several months ago was also incredibly unusual and had very weird findings -- to the point that the Guardian wrote something was very fucky with the results.

This isn't to say this can't be what's going on, but we need corroboration from other polling groups. And it isn't summer yet, which makes polls rather inaccurate too.

TLDR: Something's fucky, we need more information and to monitor this.

EDIT: I just want to use my bully pulpit here to say that my criticisms by no means disprove the poll results. There's oddities, but that doesn't make the results an impossibility. Don't only give credence to criticism of polls. If someone has reasons they believe the poll is accurate, you should give equal attention to it. At the end of the day, we don't know what the actual truth is, and we won't until the election is over. Just remember that we don't want to just win, we want to dominate. We want massive margins. And that means we need to see wins even in less than accurate polls.

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First off, terrible headline. The "ruled by men" is totally unnecessary and biased.

Second, there are certainly much worse events going on in the world right now. This is hardly the most important.

It's an interesting article though about how some women feel in China about government policies and how they're meeting to discuss feminism and women empowerment. It's disappointing to see that the Chinese government has adopted a similar stance to US Republicans.


Not much info at time of posting what prompted the man to do so


This article is absolutely infuriating. I'd like to say I'm surprised to see people with such vitriol, but this isn't a surprise.

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This has big "I am very smart" energy. Intelligence is knowing every 24 hours is a new day. Wisdom is knowing the phrase "new day" is used rhetorically and figuratively.

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Edit: It looks like the argument here is that the US is not calling for an instant ceasefire, but instead saying that one is very important to have. China and Russia say it should be immediate. The US also tied it to hostage talks.

Another resolution is in the works to call for an immediate ceasefire, but the US is expected to veto it because they believe it could endanger hostage talks.

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I don't know whether or not he killed himself, and I strongly suspect he didn't, but I sure as hell know this warrants an intense and thorough investigation. All company and private emails of executives, with forensics to determine if anything was deleted. Long interrogations to see if alibis match up.

There isn't enough evidence to throw the book at Boeing, but there is enough to search every single little thing related to them.

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Cringing and being disappointed in our previous selves is a good thing. It shows growth and learning. Don't be too hard on yourself

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It's worth stepping back a moment to appreciate that it's actually worked. Whether it will continue is another story, but Lemmy became a successful and viable alternative to Reddit. That's worthy of praise and celebration, and it couldn't be done without the admins and mods of .world who've made this place into what it is.


This is an excellent article. It follows an Israeli peace activist and a Palestinian peace activist who work together with a group that believes communication between Israelis and Palestinians is paramount to having a peaceful resolution.

What it does really well is highlight how the two of them talk past each other and don't realize it -- one of them makes an innocuous comment, and the other thinks it's something bad but doesn't speak up necessarily.

The article also provides really good perspective on how misinformation and fog of war are affecting the conflict. It highlights situations where Israelis are lied to and shown selective news, and where Palestinians are lied to and shown selective news.

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This is why it's really handy to be well versed in the Bible -- it's very easy to throw their shit right back in their face. Know their bible better than they do.


The article has a fantastic line about how Johnson's views are so out of step, even the majority of the conservative justices on the supreme court don't champion them. He agrees with Thomas, and Thomas is exceptionally unique in just how insanely conservative he is.

As a fun bonus, the article also has quotes of him praising Trump, if you ever wanted to see the moral bankruptcy of evangelicals laid completely bare to see.


He still refuses to budge, even after Republicans were eviscerated on election day for abortion. They're going to keep getting hit for it until they can rein in true believers like Tuberville.


This is a fantastic opinion piece by Sanders that lays it out the situation before the Hamas attack, the current situation, and what should be done. He lays out several requirements for peace that aid to Israel should be contingent on. He also notes that Hamas is hurting the Palestinians, which is a detail very few mention.

He's also one of the first people I've seen try to take a stab at what a lasting solution needs to be -- two states, Netanyahu ousted, Hamas destroyed, foundations of Palestinian civil government created.

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Suddenly, climate change isn't so much of an urgent issue? Nor abortion? Nor gay rights?

I'm not happy with what's going on nor what Biden's doing, but there's too many people I care about who will get hurt if Trump wins. And I'm not so selfish as to keep my ideals pure.

Life sucks. If you don't vote for Biden, more Palestinians will die than would otherwise. Is that fucked up? Yeah. Vote for him anyway. The world is cruel, and gives us cruel choices. All we can do is make the best of things.

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Frankly I don't know which words are powerful enough to describe this and condemn it. I don't think the right words exist to explain how bad it is.

This logic is just... If it's justified to blow up a refugee camp to kill a senior leader of Hamas, then by that same logic, Hamas would be justified in blowing up Israel's capitol buildings to kill Netanyahu.

Fucking hell, not only that, but this logic defends the Hamas attack on Israel too. There could have been IDF members there or government officials.

I don't see how anybody condemning Hamas' terrorist attack could not condemn this. It's the same picture.

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If genuine, this man shows a deep understanding of Christianity that eclipses all American evangelicals combined. He'd be a seriously good person, worth being respected by everyone regardless of religion.


The article provided a good overview of the situation and firsthand accounts, plus marked up maps. The maps make it clear just how ridiculous their claims are. It's like a modern "manifest destiny" philosophy.


Democrats won 56-44 in a NH district which Trump barely won in 2020. Encouraging news!

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