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I don't know anything and can't prove anything, but it sure is easy for me to imagine that DEA officials who would be willing to help that along by shutting down manufacturers who didn't play by this cartel's rules would make a lot of wealthy friends who would be motivated to take care of those officials somehow

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Important footnote on that 2023-24 data

Figures are preliminary and subject to further analysis and revision

Also, from the article,

More than 170,000 migrants have arrived in the city since [April 2022, when Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas started sending buses of migrants to New York], and it is difficult to know what crime statistics would show had they not come. But as the migrant numbers have increased, the overall crime rate has stayed flat. And, in fact, many major categories of crime — including rape, murder and shootings — have decreased, according to an analysis of the New York Police Department’s month-by-month statistics since April 2022.

The monthly number of robberies since migrants began arriving in large numbers has fluctuated. It peaked at 1,730 in July 2022, hit a low of 1,155 in February 2023 and climbed to 1,417 last month.

Grand larcenies have also gone up and down, but the monthly total stood at 4,056 in January, compared with a high of 4,687 in August 2022.

Crime might be up since 2019, but it doesn't look like it is since spring of 2022 when bussing started. Everything appears to have either gone steadily down or just gone up and down a little bit month to month, but there's no sustained increases that correlate with migrants arriving.

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He seems pretty committed to forgiving whatever he can get through

The record really doesn't support that. He could have kept pursuing the sweeping relief under different rationales while also doing these small-scale things, and he could have done more to make sweeping relief more difficult to challenge in court by implementing it closer to when it was announced. The fact that there have been no efforts in that direction makes it seem a lot more likely they're just trying to get as many headlines out of this issue for themselves as they can and don't care who does and doesn't get help at the end of the day.

e; almost goes without saying, but I probably should add that this is still way better than anything we'd see out of any Republican administration

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Transphobic shit bags are seeking out stories about Nex and seeing what they can get away with because they know it's a really good opportunity for them to grind salt into some peoples' wounds

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Doing a tox screen on Nex's body is reasonable, if only to eliminate a theory a defense attorney would try to argue to a jury. Waiting for the results of that tox screen to decide whether or not a crime took place and start making arrests when we already have plenty of evidence to say that they were assaulted and it's only unclear whether that assault was the cause of their death is what doesn't make any sense.

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Ah, that does help, thanks!


I would love to find the source material for the dialogue bits at the beginning of these two different songs, but repeated searches haven't turned up anything for me on either of them,

Also, if there's a better Fediverse community for something like this let me know

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The fact that they tried to pull this with them of all bands might top Paul Ryan's "I love Rage Against the Machine" moment

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Tennessee spends time declaring its official state amphibian the Tennessee cave salamander - I sleep

Tennessee attempts to recognize Grammy award winning artist who lives in their state - real shit?!

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Pollsters for Emerson found a higher percentage of voters who said they were undecided in the match-ups with Newsom and Whitmer than with Biden or Harris. Only 11 percent were undecided in the match-up with Harris, while 18 percent were undecided with Newsom and 22 percent were undecided with Whitmer.

National political leader has better name recognition than state level political leaders in national poll, news at 11

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You can definitely trust a Republican to do what they said they would /s

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For real, look at this shit

"Their complete lack of contrition and remorse borders on pathological. They are accused only of inflating asset values to make more money. The documents prove this over and over again. This is a venial sin, not a mortal sin. Defendants did not commit murder or arson. They did not rob a bank at gunpoint.

"Some will rob you with a six-gun, and some with a fountain pen," really great to see how far we've come since that was written

But I digress,

Donald Trump is not Bernard Madoff. Yet, defendants are incapable of admitting the error of their ways," Engoron wrote.

"Defendants’ refusal to admit error — indeed, to continue it, according to the Independent Monitor — constrains this Court to conclude that they will engage in it going forward unless judicially restrained," he added.

The ruling also bars the Trump sons — who've been running the company since their father went to the White House — “from serving as an officer or director of any New York corporation or other legal entity in New York for a period of two years.”

So, yeah, I guess the headline was shitting you, because at best it's going to be effectively a two year ban for this pack of pathologically remorseless creeps who the judge admits are definitely going to reoffend. Ain't justice grand? /s

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The internal investigator who initially investigated the beating spoke with now former Lt. Dewayne Smith, who seemed to be at the hospital, the night Nichols was beaten. According to the internal investigative report, at 11:49 p.m. on Jan. 7, 2023, Smith told the investigator that Nichols was in intensive care, on a ventilator "and had a bump on his head."

Smith told the investigator a similar story to the original incident report, saying Nichols was resisting and grabbing for an officer’s gun. The internal investigator then reviewed the body camera footage.

"(Former officer Preston) Hemphill exited with weapon pointed," the investigator noted of Hemphill’s body camera footage. "One officer at the driver side. One officer at the passenger side. Driver is removed from driver side. Profanity. Non-violent. Complied with getting on the ground."

The investigator also noted Hemphill saying there "ain't nothing in the car, so I don’t know what he was trying to hide or just on something." Defense attorneys for the officers have since alleged that Nichols’ car had stolen credit and debit cards, and hallucinogenic substances inside it, citing a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation report. Those court filings seemingly contradict Hemphill’s statement in the bodycam footage.

The Ridgeway Station's daily shift summary showed no drugs of any type were recovered on the day of Nichols' beating. The shift summary log would have included drugs recovered from Nichols' vehicle, had there been any. MPD declined to comment on the log Wednesday, saying that the department does not comment on pending litigation.

When the relief of duty notice for the officers involved was approved by MPD Deputy Chief Paul Wright early in the morning of Jan. 8, 2023, Wright also approved mandatory drug screens for Hemphill, Emmitt Martin, Tadarrius Bean, Demetrius Haley, Desmond Mills and Justin Smith. The results from that test were not included in the released documents.


A response to resistance form, which officers are required to fill out when any amount of force is used during an arrest, also conflicted with what was seen in video of the altercation with Nichols.

"After struggling with the suspect Detective T. Bean utilized soft hands techniques with a closed hand which was not effective. The suspect continued to resist officers, in which additional officers made the scene to place the suspect into custody," the form read.

The statement conflicts with what is shown in body camera footage. Soft hands techniques typically include open palm strikes like slaps or pulling an individual around. Hard hands techniques include actions like punches and kicks. Videos show officers repeatedly punching and kicking Nichols.

The reason for use-of-force listed on the form was "protect others."

Archived at https://web.archive.org/web/20240216122852/https://news.yahoo.com/web/20240216122852/https://news.yahoo.com/city-memphis-releases-trove-tyre-150035699.html

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