Episode 6 1 year discussion (lemmy.antemeridiem.xyz)
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""day"" 66
The ducklings are magic and can fly apparently
I just realised this game has been going so long now that one of the people in it actually died (pringles)

Episode 5 1 year discussion (lemmy.antemeridiem.xyz)

ryo quotes:

"Abandoning your uniqueness is equivalent to dying."
"It might not connect with too many people, but those it does, it'll hit deeply."


Bocchi the redditor:

banshee bocchi:


mumumuri desu zettai!


My mind:

Episode 4 1 year discussion (lemmy.antemeridiem.xyz)

Luckily no one is reading these do it doesn't matter if I forget to post them


Since the color of the pawn was not stated by the commenter, the (q)pawn is in a state of quantum superposition between black and white until the wave function is collapsed by an observer

Is the subduction ever going to stop?? a big part of the board is not visible anymore

Episode 3 1 year discussion (lemmy.antemeridiem.xyz)

I forgot to watch it yet lmao

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🦀 Cthulhu is Gone! 🦀
When are the kings going to come back btw, they are just having a blast as Disney land
And what about the bishops? they are still in wales, truly a fate worse than death

Episode 2 1 year discussion (lemmy.antemeridiem.xyz)

meme dump:
pachi pachi pachi pachi pachi!

Bocchi is me fr fr

Post this Nijika:

Bocchi got covid 😔

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Sorry about the wait, I'm mentally unstable /j?
Bro, how the fuck do you use git? it's been so long i forgor 💀 my workflow

Kill 80 million people


I was thinking of posting a discussion post for each episode a year after they came out, thought?
I'll be rewatching (again) every week as they where released

American Bocchi (i.postimg.cc)
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oops, I fell off the earth should be back soon

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  1. Call trans people pedos
  2. get banned
  3. Post pedo shit
  4. own the libs???

What the fuck is wrong with these people


The Ice age continues.

Bruh, why do you guys make the moves to hard?

These render times are getting very long now

This one is probably a bit easier to look at

Who is Nijika?

For the blind, she is their vision. For the deaf, she is their music. For the mute, she is their voice. For the anosmiac, she is their aroma. For the numb, she is their feeling. For the atrophied, she is their muscle.

For the starved, she is their sustenance. For the thirsty, she is their water. For the exhausted, she is their energy.

For the depressed, she is their happiness. For the disillusioned, she is their hope. For the pessimistic, she is their optimism.

For the disadvantaged, she is their champion. For the marginalised, she is their justice. For the oppressed, she is their salvation.

For the righteous, she is their symbol. For the enlightened, she is their muse. For the erudite, she is their education

I don't even know bro, I just found it in my shitpost folder

Bocchi the autist!

I might be a little biased but I agree

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