I wouldn't mind if EU made it mandatory for them to be. I really hate that I have to use Whatsapp because it's the sole way I can stay in touch with people I must be able to contact.

I also wouldn't mind "swapping" to contacting my friend via Discord if the federation was made so I could use a different means of contacting them such as Revolt.

I know Beeper exists, but you still need to have account with the platform you don't like and in Whatsapp case's, you need Whatsapp installed.


An awesome new app just got released for free on itch.io, that lets Fedizens create their own MTG-style playing cards.

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It's mostly about mastodon, but spammers also have hit Lemmy communities. This mastodon post contains solutions to mitigate the wave for admins, and also link to the origin of the thread. Turns out they're japanese kids from discord.

Mastodon CVE Report (hachyderm.io)
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Mastodon CVE Report

Didn't expect the mastodon CVE report/account would kinda end up being about platform diversity on the fediverse (TLDR: only mastodon really had the problem, which was huge)



#CVE #mastodon #fediverse

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We sat down and chatted with Shawn Grigson from Oliphant, who gave us a fascinating and detailed view of what crowdsourced community moderation looks like.

He weighed in on challenges and headaches, and a possible way forward for brighter and better things in the Fediverse.

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As decentralized social networks become more popular, the way different protocols interact could set the stage for the future of the web.

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I posted a callout earlier this week, and originally planned to use Guppe Groups.

After some feedback about gup.pe accessibility and ephemerality I've created a New Community here to discuss issues facing interop of the Article type object across the #fediverse



Bridgy Fed made a splash earlier this week by announcing its latest progress in connecting the Fediverse to Bluesky and Nostr. Sadly, not everyone was welcoming.


We recently chatted with two of the devs involved with Bonfire. Honestly, they have some really amazing ideas about building a modular Fediverse platform that developers can build on for their own apps.

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The Fedipact statistics are interesting

7% of active users committed to #fedipact - https://fedidb.org/current-events/anti-meta-fedi-pact

* How representative of the user base is this, or are admins gatekeeping here? A large survey would be good to clear that up.

* EG, Mastodon, relative to its userbase, seems the most "Meta friendly" with only 57% of fedipact users (but ~80% all users)

* Fractal of niche-dom? Fedi ~1% of social media, fedi-pact ~ 10% of fedi. So anti-meta-fediverse ~0.1%?



A conversation is a collection of messages with a common context. The ActivityStreams specifications define both collections and contexts, but very little guidance is provided on how to use them effectively. This document specifies an Acti

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At the end of 2023, we ran a census on lemmy.ca. Analyzing the data took a little longer than I thought it would, but the results are now available!

To see the post, you can do one of:

  • Use this link: https://lemmy.ca/post/15125231
    • On mobile, your app should open it in your home instance
    • On desktop, you can use the InstanceAssistant extension to redirect the post
  • Open !main@lemmy.ca and see the pinned posts

I didn't do a regular crosspost in case there is an error in the results. This way I only need to fix one post instead of many.

Hope you enjoy :)


In Germany there's an app called "Jodel", which is essentially like a localized reddit/lemmy. That means, you only see posts from people near you (the default is something like 10km, I think).

This is of course awesome for localized events, Craigslist style posts, or just discussions about local stuff.

I wondered, despite creating local communities on Lemmy or tags for your city, is there anything like it on the fediverse?

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Decent Decentralisation


Good counter to the focus on protocols.

> a protocol needs to achieve two things: it needs to prevent the accumulation of power imbalances between parties … and it needs to make it easy for users to cooperate in building the the rules they want for how the protocol's operation affects them … the success of decentralisation and … of a democratic digital world **rides not only on liberation but also on organising**.


By @robin

FEP-61cf: The OpenWebAuth Protocol (socialhub.activitypub.rocks)

This is the proposed FEP-61cf: The OpenWebAuth Protocol. OpenWebAuth is the “single sign-on” mechanism used by Hubzilla, (streams) and other related projects. It allows a browser-based user to log in to services across the Fediverse using a single identity. Once logged in, they can be recognised by other OpenWebAuth-compatible services, ...

Takahē 0.11 released (docs.jointakahe.org)
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#Seppo empowers you to publish short texts (and images yet to come) and to network in the Social Web. By renting commodity web space and dropping a single file. Without being subject to terms and conditions. Without having to fret about small print or tech lore. And without the need for an IT-consultant. But rather having a life.


Howdy! I'm thepaperpilot, and for the past few months I've been working on something I think the internet doesn’t have enough of right now—a comfy, human-first social media space without ads or corporate interference.

Incremental Social combines Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and even Github through a collection of open source applications all customized and connected under one banner.

The goal of this website is to contribute to a "cozier" web, filled with smaller, more customized websites away from the hands of advertisers and corporations hunting for profit. The idea is to help people find a community they most fit in with, where they approve of the moderation practices, the people, and the discussions. For me, and possibly you, that was always going to be a community centered around incremental games. So this is intended to include anything a member of the incremental games community might want—be they a player, a developer, or both!

I host communities like this for fun, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, my favorite communities are neither monetized nor toxic. Running communities like these is a passion of mine, so I can run this website without ads or charging for features, indefinitely. As for toxicity, I’ve teamed up with /u/CardboardEmpress (@cardboardempress), a previous moderator on /r/incremental_games who shares my goals towards moderation, to co-admin Incremental Social. We’ve both been participating and moderating within the incremental games community for many many years, and understand this community well. That’s why I can promise you Incremental Social will feel great to participate in.

I believe in cultivating a positive and affirming community where developers feel safe and welcome to share what they’ve been working on—ultimately leading to more games for players to enjoy. This will be a tight-knit community, one where you recognize your neighbors, even if you’re just lurking.

Beyond this, Incremental Social isn’t just a singular platform. By virtue of being Federated, you can still get the full benefits of joining multiple communities like you would on Reddit, Discord, etc. Once you sign up, you can chat, make threads, and otherwise participate within not only the incremental games community, but other threads, posts, and people across thousands of other communities, covering subjects like technology, memes, and even George Takei.

If you're already familiar with the Fediverse and would rather join us from your existing account, you can do so by searching incremental_games@incremental.social on lemmy/kbin/mastodon or joining the chat at #hub:incremental.social!

I hope to see you on Incremental Social! In fact, once you do, go ahead and reach out to me. Ask me questions about the site, let me know what you think, and I might know a few people who you’d get along with. Thanks for reading this whole post. I’m really looking forward to spending less and less of my time on reddit and discord and spending it here instead. I’ve also still got some incremental games cooking in the background, and y’all will be the first to see them!

TL;DR: Incremental Social is a new community for incremental game enthusiasts combining features from Reddit, Twitter, Discord, and Github. CardboardEmpress and I, two long-standing community members and moderators, are dedicated to cultivating a cozy, positive, and tight-knit community. Give it a try here and let me know what you think!

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