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Man we've lost something along the way. When did our jobs become purely a means of money and contributing nothing to society.

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not everyone is a social butterfly.

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Having to be the one who communicates bad news to so many people all the time

I mean, they're just automated emails. You click a button

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I invite you to browse r/watches and then reconsider.

Cherrypicked maybe.

Since the upvotes/down have been blanked, I’m going to assume it had negative ratio

screenshot was taken 5m after posting, probably has no score. (not taken by me)

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Yeah I love a good shitpost, but many redditors seem to have no sense of maturity about when to be serious vs silly. It would drive me insane to see like some news about a suicide bombing in Pakistan or something, and the only comment is some guy trying to make a pun.

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It wasn't really a war. Nitter was always at twitter's mercy

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Yeah I don't think it's a very good estimate. The vast majority of women I know don't consider themselves marginalized because of their gender.

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This is the only thing I see

Mondal said the lion called Akbar had previously been named after the Hindu deity Rama when he was in the neighbouring state of Tripura, which is controlled by Modi’s Bharatiya Janata party.

But the lion’s name was changed when he was brought to West Bengal, which is controlled by the opposition Trinamool Congress party. The VHP petition calls for a ban on using religious names for animals in zoos.

I don't see any muslim nationalists. And half of this is the party leader's testimony. I have no idea how accurate this is.

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The moment I got interested in Esperanto, I wanted better so I jumped down a rabbit hole of ever more obscure languages until I realized what I had gotten into and stopped.

Also, and this probably applied to others, if I'm language learning, there's two other languages I really 'should* be learning, but am not, so that makes me feel guilty.

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I don't see anything about Muslim nationalists

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He just look at how much empty space the file explorer showed... I don't know how good of an indication that it is. The OS may choose to conserve a decent amount of space for things like swap, hibernation file etc.

Also, preinstalled apps.

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Not only is this paper real: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2304.01393.pdf

But they actually made it practical:

We have implemented two ways to reveal the actual names present in an overlapping stack, when viewing a PDF file on a computer.

First, hovering over the stacked names should pop up a tooltip with the authors listed in their original order, as shown in Figure 1.

This feature works on many desktop PDF viewers (e.g., Acrobat, Evince, Firefox, VSCode), but notably not Chrome, Edge, Safari, or MacOS Preview. It also does not work on mobile devices we tested (probably because they lack a natural notion of “hovering”).

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Our Vision for .NET 9 - .NET Blog (devblogs.microsoft.com)

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It was fun while it lasted. The recent addition of PGP support was very welcome, and I thought that such support might have been a sign that they were in it for the long-term with the email product, but I thought wrong.

Dear Skiff Community,

We are excited to share that Skiff is joining Notion.

Skiff's mission is to bring freedom to the internet by helping people collaborate and communicate with freedom and privacy. We see a deep alignment with Notion’s vision to build a connected workspace and enable everyone to build tools that reflect their values.

We’re extremely excited to accelerate our mission by joining forces with Notion’s world-class team. We sincerely hope that the Skiff community will join us for this next stage of our journey. We’re pursuing big plans for making all of our online lives freer and more empowered, and these plans will carry forward directly the ambitions we’ve strived for alongside the Skiff community.

As we begin to shift focus to our shared efforts with Notion, we will be closing down Skiff's product suite after a 6-month sunset period We are deeply appreciative of the trust users have extended to us, and we are committed to honoring that trust by ensuring that all data on Skiff is easily exportable. For the next 6 months, Skiff services will continue to operate without disruption, and users can freely duplicate, migrate, or export data. You can now also set up a forwarding address to redirect mail to any other provider.

Our commitment to privacy and security is unchanged. All user data remains end-to-end encrypted, and Skiff products will never monetize your data. Accounts and data on Skiff will not be converted into Notion accounts.

We encourage you to export your data and migrate custom domains within the next 6 months. We’ve prepared this guide to make that process as easy as possible. For any other questions, our support team is readily available via the in-app “Send feedback” option or at support@skiff.org.

The Skiff community has lifted, inspired, and energized us at every step. We are humbled by your support and we apologize for any disappointment or inconvenience this change may cause you. We remain as committed as ever to bringing about the vision for a better internet that brought us together. Thank you for being part of the Skiff family, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with our future efforts.

Sincerely, Skiff Team

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Goodbye twitter I guess. There's no longer any way to see twitter things people send you without an account

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Goodbye twitter I guess. There's no longer any way to see twitter things people send you without an account

edit: from what I understand you should still be able to self host it for your own twitter account, but public usage is essentially dead



Goodbye twitter I guess. There's no longer any way to see twitter things people send you without an account

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