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What’s the best music to play on Friday night?

The Weeknd

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[-] YourClarke 2 points 11 months ago

Wait, so it's specific to kbin users?

And... Uh actually I'm not sure how to map these in my mind...

Lemmy only user could not have these features, however kbin user who happens to be a lemmy user could have these feature..

Tbh, it's kinda confusing a bit

[-] cendawanita@kbin.social 2 points 11 months ago

@YourClarke hahaha don't worry. I've really only been on Fedi since Nov 22 and kbin at the same time as you guys set up this Lemmy instance. I think the redditors will get the hang of it, certainly faster than Twitterjaya (I'm in perma-eyeroll mode since you guys arrived, because those are my gang. I'm even here cos someone made a big fuss about Elon. Guess where they are at now? Twitter ppl are babies. Mastodon as a platform was at least a few years old and they whined so much. Boo hoo have to pick instance, dunno who to talk to, feed so empty blablabla. But look at you guys! Most of the two major protocols are still held together by string lmao and you make it work.)

The main thing about Fedi protocols is that janji we can roughly talk to each other. Some functionalities across the microblogs pun not shared (I've only mentioned a couple), but it's doable, we make it work. Since joining my to-read tabs blew up and there's less Main Character discourse. So it's been a real nice change. But i was missing Malaysia content and community A LOT (hence my eyeroll at Twitterjaya). The current kbin state of things pun (like how when I'm logged on my kbin.social account i can see who upvoted) is probably because of what i explained above but also it's not even three months old. Lmao the dev is just some Polish kid. Lemmy is much older but a lot of ppl avoided because the main instance and devs are full-on tankies. The Reddit wave made it moot since you can always 1) make your instance; 2) fork the programme if tak puas hati with those devs and maintain your own codebase.

In any case for your example you get Lemmy features when your account is on an instance running Lemmy and kbin when otherwise but not both at the same time. Takpe, it's not gonna be too hard. And besides monyet.cc is set up, so at least you know how to hang out here. And from here, if you're signed in as monyet.cc accounts, you absolutely can find other comms such as kbin ones too. Can one can one :)

[-] cendawanita@kbin.social 2 points 11 months ago

For example, I can't crosspost when sending articles over here because kbin doesn't have it yet. So I'm also still a bit handicapped. Hahaha

[-] YourClarke 1 points 11 months ago

Thanks! I think I could faham a bit. At least I got the rough picture already

Btw, about Twitter... All this while, I have only used Reddit je since the past few years. I tried taking a look at Twitter before and well...the Twitterjaya felt so 'ganas'. I don't mean the literal violence haha but idk something about their replies and threads screams aggressiveness. And they seemed easy to get angry by things?

Hahaha I'll just stay in this Lemmy/Reddit pool, apparently.

[-] cendawanita@kbin.social 2 points 11 months ago

It's the soapbox syndrome kot. My mutuals and i here were talking it over, what made redditors more willing to stick but not Twitterjaya and we figured, having islands like these instances or communities isn't so different as subs. But also because the social incentives are different. Over there you pose and flex on your soapbox regularly enough you get followers. Over on the more forum setups, you just naikkan the forum's energy, and ppl flock to the forum not the user necessarily. 24/7 rap battle over there, otoh.

[-] ruk_n_rul 0 points 11 months ago

Boo hoo have to pick instance

tbf this is definitely a major cause of analysis paralysis. otoh when monyet.cc sprung up I immediately knew which one to sign up to. it gave me confidence to take the plunge.

[-] cendawanita@kbin.social 1 points 11 months ago* (last edited 11 months ago)

I totes get that. In my mind I'm thinking of those who did set up accounts, posted like two posts, or nothing but their twitter xposts ... And then balik to Twitterjaya because no spoonfed outrage algos to get them their audience haih. I also waited until one of my forum kaki set up a small instance, and then i stayed. It's not like twitter getting better also. (and maybe i wouldn't have minded if a couple of them didn't make such a big deal about moving until asking me often if I've moved yet, hahahahaha)

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