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Am I going insane? Every nightfall the air smells of haze and idk if it's the haze falling down to the surface because physics or there's people illegally burning waste in the vicinity at night (not farfetched since there's a couple of cases of illegally operating dump sites near this area). What's weirder is that this stopped happening the couple of days of CNY, then it resumed.

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Finally... Actual cyber warriors.

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inb4 there's conflicting information from listicles online. I don't care. Mentour Pilot says KLIA is #1 and I'll die on that tower. Kthnxbai

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I mean W3C created ActivityPub, it's only fitting they peruse what they had created

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cross-posted from: https://monyet.cc/post/619440

More Singaporean side but I think the general findings applicable here. Got it from @penangkia@monyet.cc fedi post! https://hachyderm.io/@liztai/111028272906205950

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backup img

I'm feeling this with the full contents of my gut

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We got most of pop media, academic journals, and books covered, but what about photographic media?

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Sorry guys, I tried to find an article online that goes more into the historic aspects of the Hungry Ghosts Festival as celebrated here in Malaysia, but literally everything focuses on the now, since this is very much a living experience. I am adamant of posting something about it today regardless, since today's the peak of Ghost Month for those who celebrate it.

General articles on the hungry Ghost Festival:

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mainly to separate different activities

Firefox has profiles AND container tabs for exactly this though.

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"expired without issue" has a whole different meaning to historians/nobility/royalty:

explanation of the joke

expire: die
issue: children
and thus:
expire without issue: die childless

which is a problem with royalties since it means their line of succession ends.

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If you use a phrase in a way nobody else uses, and asks people to read your mind for what you actually meant, then you already failed as a public facing communicator.

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If they continue it meant they value tradition more than righting the wrongs. Remember that it's deep seated tradition that allowed the work culture to fester in the first place.

Not to mention all the chats would be bombarded.

Lastly I think Dan deserves a break.

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My guess is that this is going to go the same way as McDonalds v everything with the letters M(a)c, and Starbucks v Sattar Buksh

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After the sewer explosion at LMG today I truly felt Gamer Jesus is really coming forth as a messiah.

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they have more than enough money to keep the server running for decades. not to say you don't need to donate, but you don't need to impulse donate every time the big header appears.

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They prevent any large wiki they hosted from closing because those have good SEO. They wanted the traffic for the ad revenue, even if all mods and writers got off the platform and replaced with shitty ones.

It really is the reddit migration before reddit migration.

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Look up ReplayGain. It analyzes and then adds metadata about the peak gains of each file, to the file, without the need to re-encode anything. Foobar2k natively supports it. Hopefully Plex also has support for ReplayGain.

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