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Been a while since I was on here, irl tings :pepecringe:

By the way, where do we go to see updates on lemmy functionalities? As it is, it's kinda hard to expand, UI is incredibly hard to get used to. Plus no emojis, no gifs. Even BB forums got those like 23 years ago. Can't even provide image url to display need to upload? :O

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I don't think the telco would care, the contract is valid, they cannot resell the phone.

What you can do is ask her either pay it herself (change to her name) or ask for the phone back. If she refuses to do both, let her know that it is your property, and that you can make a police report against her for theft. If she is not fazed, then go ahead and make that police report.

You can at best case scenario retrieve the phone back (with all the accessories and box if possible) and resell it to pay for the penalty. You may not recover everything, but it's better than nothing. You can also ask if you can cancel her sim card and use the line for your own. You may not get the phone back, but at least you can make use of the line somehow (hotspot or sth).

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  1. If someone told you you're a lot like your partner, would this be a compliment to you?

  2. Would you want your future or imagined child to date your partner?

  3. Are you truly fulfilled or just less lonely?

  4. Are you able to be unapologetically yourself or do you feel the need to show up differently to please your partner?

  5. Are you in love with your partner right now as a whole, or are you only in love with their good side or with the potential or idea of them?

Man these are some hard-hitting questions which I feel may or may not apply to Asian-centric countries because we just have too many different social and cultural expectations and roles to fulfill. The above feels like it can only be a resounding yes if you are in an absolute perfect relationship, which feels like it's more the exception than the rule. What even is a perfect relationship nowadays anyway?

I think having some "no"s to the above doesn't absolutely mean your relationship or partner is no good though; although I am absolutely guilty of number 5. Don't date someone hoping they would change for you, bbs.

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only for those who are single and looking for something long term

Frustrated with girls who flake and ghost even if you put a lot of effort, or even those who are just there for validation with no intentions to meet up? Trying to find someone who is actually on the apps for the right reasons? You are not alone, it happens even to the most attractive of guys. Good news? There is an effective way to weed out a huge number of them, albeit not totally. Here is what worked for me:

  1. First of course start with a good opener, don’t try too hard but don’t give a basic ‘hi’ either

  2. Keep the convo length from 10 messages from your end, don’t try to text all week like how many do, keep it interesting

  3. Within those 10 messages, ask what their intentions are on the apps. When you hear stuff like “I don’t know see how it goes” or “just bored”… Yeah a high chance the person isn’t there for anything serious. Make sure you guys are on the same page, because women who are actually there for the right reasons want someone who is upfront about what they want from the apps

  4. When the vibe is right, straight up ask for a phonecall, if she doesn’t feel comfortable doing it, then substitute by asking for her phone number (girls who are truly into you will give you their phone number) and continue from there

  5. Once the call is great, then ask for a meetup

Why I say keep it short and ask for a call? Because girls who are really into you won’t hesitate to call, and truth be told many people regardless of gender are just on the apps for validations or something not serious. But it isn’t impossible to find someone with the right things in mind, this is one of the tactics that has worked for me.

Taken from r/Malaysians, credits to u/TaylorFritz!

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This question was asked to a group of nyets and it honestly bothers me how I couldn't say yes immediately for myself, haha (?).

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  1. Kali Kai (Curry Chicken)
    A love bite. Yeah I don't know why either.

  2. Fah Sum (Flower Heart)
    Heart that strays.

  3. Yat Geok Dap Liong Shvn (One Leg on Two Boats)

  4. Bei Yan Fei (Let People Fly)
    Got dumped :(

  5. Kam Kuai (Golden Tortoise)
    Basically a rich bachelor

  6. Kam Yv Lou (Gold Fish Seller/Guy)
    A pedo, yes a pedo.

  7. Siong Chong (Up Bed)
    Fuck. It means fuck.

Don't come at me I speak canto growing up but I am pretty banana coz I can't read or write chinese so could be wrong!

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Heya, June here :) I'm triilingual and love fusion food. Work's been a snoozefest lately due to some complications that remains to be fixed, so I'm super bored. If anyone wants to chat or get to know each other, hit me up – I could really use some friendly company!

My interests? Oh, I'm all about video games, painting, movies or music – these keep my spirits high! To those who message me, sorry if I can't get back to everyone!

Don't just say hi, give me something to work with, and let's have a blast chatting!

Syke, no pics here! ;P (also not necessary just to be clear!)

This is just an example of what a personals ad could look like!

Format goes like this: [Age] [Gender]4[Gender] [area] - [a short description]

So a guy looking for a girl would look like this: 31 [M4F] KL

A girl looking for all genders would look like this: 33 [F4A] Ipoh

Also, this doesn't necessarily have to be romantic, it could be for people just looking for online friends/companions too!

Also, I would like to use this opportunity to put out feelers about events I've been thinking of having which is perfect for smaller communities like ours:

3 vs 3 Blind Dates!

Anyone interested can PM me to sign up (via anonymous forms, I won't even need to know your username), I only need to know your gender and sexual preferences.

Basically, three guys, three girls, public setting, getting to know each other. First and foremost, I actually see this more as a getting to know more people thing, so I'm still hesitant to call it a blind date tbh. I haven't really figured out the actual dynamics of it yet, but I feel like it has potential! Let me hear feedbacks if any, as well as safety precautions!

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Back when I was still swiping, I seem to have more younger men swipe on me rather than older or even equal age. Is there a reason why? Boys who knows unker a little, do you think my personality may throw off older men?

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Never really considered speed dating before, but MYR 135 sounds reasonable especially when parts of it goes to a worth cause!

*not sponsored ~~waiting one of yall to sponser unker~~

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And to single nyets, are you in the "move-in together as soon as you can afford to" camp, or "delay it even when you already can coz reasons" camp?

Living habits play a huge role in cohabitating happily in the long term personally. Having fun and enjoying each other's company won't have much mileage if you can't stand each other's living habits!

For some, you may live together way longer than you'd be in love with each other even >.>

Sharing a home together also gives you an idea on how responsible, proactive, clean and how well they manage and balance chores, duties, and time together. In my (limited) experience, most people who has never lived on their own, generally do not take the initiative or have the know how to fix, improve and maintain a house. I suppose that's not important for some.. but for me who's always taken care of her own space and prioritises on efficiency, I have my way of doing things and living together first can help us optimise ourselves to each other, or it can also highlight just how incompatible we might be. If anything, I'd say this is just as important to a relationship as any, if not the most.

So, for you non-single nyets: any inputs? How soon did you guys move in?

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TL;DR: Emotional security me thinks.

Never had anyone in my life I could depend on whilst growing up besides my bestie but I mean we also live separate lives so in the end it can end up still feel like I'm on my own. I've come to accept that I can be weak and that it's okay to lean on someone sometimes. Pretty much didn't feel like I had a family growing up either, so never liked being home. After moving out and living on my own for a while, I realised how much happiness and peace it gives me to come home to someone who loves and cares for me.

I have lots of love to give too, seemingly bottomless, at the risk of sounding pretentious! I give strangers the benefit of doubt and get burned quite a lot due to that me thinks (just as an individual to another individual, I'm not passing hyatt around like a drink okay, hah!). I'd much rather pour all this love to someone who would pour it back into me too. Someone to have my back, who believes in me and sees the best version of me that I probably never could see in myself.

In return, I do think I can provide extremely good emotional support! I'm very independent so I can hold my own (maybe even theirs) on other aspects in life.

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Well, just think about it. If that is in fact true, then statistically, all conventionally "ugly" and fat people would never get married and reproduce. Even disfigured people find somebody and gets married. On the other hand, I watch lots of reality TV shows (more than I'd like to admit) and even conventionally "hot" people go though years of dry spells too.

We might have higher standards, and if that is the case, then we would definitely have to work on ourselves. But if it's not sustainable/just put on in order to attract who you want, it wouldn't last long either. In the end, a person has to love you for you.

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Can't exactly showcase my personality at first sight now can I? T.T

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they forgot to give it to me T.T that's the wrongest thing with this picture.

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Missing is a small dollop of sambal.

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relationship-related projects

bruh even paktor also project based @.@

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hamsap must hamsap.. sexual attraction is very important, but should not be the first and only thing >.<

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Stayed over at my godparent aka bestie's house for the past two nights. I didn't get to join them for dinner last night, but they went for dimsum so I asked to tapau a tai pao for me to bring to lunch at work tomorrow since it's been a while since I've had it.

This morning, my godfather woke up much much earlier than he usually would to make sure the pao is steamed so that I can bring to work and made sure I took it with me when I left and see me off work.

T.T Felt so loved. What a good way to start a Sunday! Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

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iOS app soon pls, I miss DT and I don't wanna use Reddit for at least another month >:(

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can I get modded for meta and announcement? would like to update icons etc!

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