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Israel’s military said Friday an additional eight militants were among those killed in a strike on a U.N.-run school in central Gaza, raising the number of alleged militants to 17.

The army released the names of the militants it said were killed in Thursday’s strike. However, only nine of those names matched with records of the dead from the hospital morgue.

One of the names Israel listed as a militant was an 8-year-old boy, Shaheen Mahmoud Ibrahim Abu Sharif, according to the hospital records. Two boys on the morgue’s list, age 10 and 14, had names that suggested they were sons of a man Israel identified as a slain militant, although he was not listed among the hospital’s dead.

The AP could not independently confirm whether any names on the Israeli list were militants.

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When both sides have an incentive to lie and there is no international oversight, this is what happens.

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