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Following the spirit of spreading across the Fediverse (and because my main instance is down so many times, because diverse reasons) I'm intrigued about the joining instance process, because I honestly don't know what criteria to have in order to join another one if I ever want to do it.

That made me curious of how you decided to join?

I firstly join to lemmy.fmhy.ml thanks to Spez and a Reddit post from FMHY subreddit, then the tragedy occurred, then I joined to lemmy.world which is/was my main one because I pictured it like a good home, then lemmy.fmhy.net revived and I am with them too, but seems like they are in a bit of trouble with the server, finally now I am in lemm.ee, but only because I just wanted another backup, not because I searched for it especially (also it was mentioned in a comment about smaller instances and one user from here throw a joke to not join here because it sucks so that way the server would be more stable, so yeah, I joined).

To be clear I am not in search for yet another instance (that sounds like a good instance name to be fair), I just want to know how the deciding process is for you, is it just random? Is it because of personal tastes?

I couldn't care less about NSFW stuff, I don't search for it specifically, but my day won't be ruined if I see a tit.

I like gaming, tech, Linux, SBC gaming, emulation, macOS, Android stuff etc (yeah how original) should I look for an instance dedicated to that if I ever want to join yet another one? Because I see topics like this in almost any instance.

I read you lemmings!

EDIT: BTW the migration process has been easier for me thanks to LASIM, so I wouldn't be scared if I ever want/have to migrate again.

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[-] Naomikho 19 points 11 months ago

There's an instance for my country so I just joined that one.

[-] cincinmasukmangkok@lemmy.my.id 8 points 11 months ago

Same here & downtime issue with big instances

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