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Not sure if the image is clear, but I saw a cat playing with a poor lizard last week at taman paramount station. 😂 The cat was surprisingly clean for a stray(or is it not one?); I wonder if the station staff took care of it. 🤔

~~sorry I didn't manage to get a cute shot of it~~

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I actually screwed up twice on dev environment. Luckily the second case was salvageable without using data from an old backup(I wasn't given one that time) and I managed to sweep it up fast.

I started testing my queries super carefully after the first incident, but I was too tired once that I forgot to restrict the update scope for testing and screwed up again.

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Karaoke lovers rejoice! The promo last for whole October. The price is RM10 plus service charge and SST, which makes it RM 11.60 per 2 hours. The promo applies if you sing more than 2 hours too.(e.g. if you go for 4 hrs they'll charge you 23.60)

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Mee goreng basah and mee rebus

Throwback to last month, I tried the mee rebus while my friend tried the Mee goreng basah. The mee rebus is kinda just normal, but boy the Mee goreng basah was lit af. I regret not ordering that instead lol

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I don't even know why I'm alive.

There are so many things I want to do. But I can't because I need to 'survive'.

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Hey all, I will be taking the server down for about 10 to 15 minutes to add a new service which will be needed for the bot. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: Thanks for the patience! Site is up and running again now

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I had to clean a child porn image once because some bastard registered at an instance I'm moderating and posted an anime child porn image to another instance using the account he created here. And I found a total of 5 copies of that image in the server...

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Currently, I have to manually schedule the posts for communities based on mods' requests, and I understand that this isn't a good thing to sustain in the long run. Hence, I have made up my mind to create a UI for this feature instead so all community mods can schedule their own posts!

This is only the initial ideation, and the final result may differ. The second scheduler design has some UI components reordered, but most of the idea remains the same. ~~I will try to add useful tooltips so you don't have to keep clicking on the help button for instructions~~

Please give your opinion on the following:

  1. Is there any UI component that is difficult to understand or feels unnatural to you? Is there any naming convention that feels unnatural?
  2. If you are a site admin or a mod of multiple communities, would you prefer to manage all scheduled posts within a single screen, or manage them by community? Which one makes more sense to you?

P.S. I do have plans for more tweaks/enhancements for the bot and other future features(when we need them) but I will work on things based on their rank of importance. I think this feature will be quite helpful to community mods(as one of the mods were confused last time on how to get posts scheduled for their community) so I decided to work on this next :) P.S.S. MonyetPanel will have more features in the future too, but releases may take a very long time as this is currently mostly a one-man project by me.

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Went to bkt jalil Murni last Saturday and it was amazing. Their portion is really superb for the price. I also tried their mee utara at the ss2 branch a while ago and it tasted great.

My friends had no idea what to eat but I suddenly felt like going Murni and when I searched Waze there's one just 1.2km away 🤣

Oyen in zoo negara (allthatsinteresting.com)
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There's an instance for my country so I just joined that one.

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I actually didn't understand that part lol... Took me two times to get it

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That's quite true actually. I've had way more enjoyment playing singleplayer games than multiplayer games(unless they are casual coop like Stardew and the like) nowadays.

I still like fps but it requires too much effort.

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Now I only have game sessions that last for about 10+ minutes and only about 3 times per day at most.

My enjoyment in gaming has died out a few months ago and I have only been working for one year(23yo). My friends are still trying to get me back to Valorant and I'm having trouble explaining I have so many other important things that I need to do other than grinding Valorant. I just don't have the time to improve my skill at that game because it requires so many hours and so many of those hours could give me a good coding project for my portfolio which would improve my job prospects. I do enjoy coding but coding all day outside of work is turning me into a robot.

Screw this capitalism society.

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I forgot to make this post, but do you know there exists a species known as priority seat gatekeeper aunties?

A few weeks ago, I heard an aunty speaking really loud about something someone tak tau baca She's old, (but not that old, probably in her mid 50s at most?) so someone asked her if she would like to take the priority seat, but then she said no. But she wouldn't let anyone else sit despite it's peak hour so there's one wasted space there.

What's your stance on this? Are regular people not allowed to use the priority seat no matter what, or is it justified as long as there's no one who needs it and you give the seat out as soon as there's someone who needs it?

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Ah yes, SQL and their games.

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Joined my first board game session yesterday, and I have no regrets. Perfect for nerds like me.

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Do you guys feel betrayed when you order mala but it's not spicy enough 🥹

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I am pretty committed. I even volunteered to help with devops stuff with my country's instance to make it a better experience for the local community. I actually wished more communities move here.

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