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No, the footage was actually recorded in August

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Not exactly, there's missing context between each sentence. I hate him as much as the next person but the quote is inaccurate: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ec9P3C1OXqE

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A superiority complex? I find it quite simple actually

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They were told that for every part they replaced, they were diverting another trolley down a 1000-mile track

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It is a normal human response to feel sad to learn that the author of something that you enjoy has passed away

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Another hot take: Beginner-friendly distros are good for beginners.

Like many others, I wanted to rid myself of Windows but I needed it to as painless as possible so I was looking for something that feels like Windows but is not Windows. If I didn't have Mint to ease me into it and instead had to set up Arch from scratch, I would have likely gotten frustrated and gone back to Windows. I don't want to go back to Windows.

There's a distro for everyone, and I'll continue to recommend Mint to those who are getting sick of Windows and looking for a familiar alternative. That's who it's made for.

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Depends why you made that criticism. I hate Apple as much as the next guy but the post makes it seem like the creator is the one who typically initiates a targeted and unwarranted attack at the user specifically ("...accuse him of supporting an evil...") as soon as they see an iPhone in their hand and then gets mad when they retaliate

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I bought it. They don't

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1.5m friends. Ask them all for 2 dollars

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It's so there's a legal defense if they say it wasn't spicy enough

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