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Unsurprisingly, the doubters increase as they become less likely to have interacted with WW2 vets and survivors.

I’m in my 40’s, and it’s pretty hard to ignore the holocaust when I had people around the Thanksgiving table telling stories about their first hand experiences.

They were all just random normal people who got thrown into some horrifying shit. When you grow up with those people and learn who they are, it’s pretty hard to believe the bullshit conspiracy stories people tell about what they saw.

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You weren’t kidding about the impact of those potatoes.

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Honestly, people just know that blue = better quality, reaction emojis, and editing. They don’t know why that’s actually the case. Most laypeople don’t know a lick about things like RCS, E2EE, etc.

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From a business perspective, this was the stupidest possible investment. There is no way Apple was going to let this fly.

Why would you sink so much money into such a stupid product?

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YouTube has recently been exceeding street expectations and made $8billion in ad sales last quarter alone. Even when revenue took a 2% dip a while back, that business is still a damn cash cow.

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Luna gotta sharp terf

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YouTube is too big and dominates too much of certain spaces for streaming. Shutting it down would be stupid. If Google no longer wanted it, it would make WAY more sense to sell. Someone would pay billions for that.

Edit: also, YouTube made $8billion in ad sales last quarter. YouTube ain’t going anywhere right now.

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Your sarcasm detector requires calibration.

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No, they got acquired by Automatic (AKA that Wordpress company). They’re still plugging along though.

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More of a yacht rock thing.

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Sounds like she’s suffering from pretty debilitating chronic pain. Not good. Being in horrible pain is pretty miserable.

Sucks that it’s preventing a talented person from doing what they do so well. I hope they’re able to get good medical care.

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Go fuck yourselves San Diego.

I’m Ron Burgundy?

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