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is now suspended with pay — her salary is $232,600 a year

For her outburst she's been rewarded with not having to work & she's still getting a six-figure paycheck. Must be nice.

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Is this some European thing I'm too American to understand?

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Genuinely wonder if there's some correlation in there. It'd be fascinating if global acceptance of homosexuality would eliminate fascist tendencies. I'd watch that movie.

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Seems like they're focusing on the body horror more than the previous installments with the close-up shots of facehuggers and that long-ass chest buster scene. Something tells me we won't get much in terms of story or character development, but I guess we'll see.

I think it'll be a fun watch, but also looks to be just rehashing everything we've seen out of the franchise already.


I'm confident the answer to the initial question is "yes", but in my little corner of the world I've never met a sculptor - no students, no teachers, no amateurs or professionals - and I don't recall hearing about significant sculptures being erected anywhere in the last few decades.

Sculpting fascinates me, but I'm totally ignorant of how it works. If you’re a sculptor -

  • when/how did you start? Do you start with clay and pottery?
  • How do you "practice"? Play-doh? Gotta imagine it's different based on your preferred medium?
  • do artists still use marble? Seems like it'd be insanely expensive & one mistake screws the whole thing up
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Pretty sure he says (and the article quotes him)

"I want to wish you all a happy Father's Day, but please, please, please wear a helmet. If I didn't, honestly, I wouldn't be here now."

Holy nuts that bruise is a beaut! https://ichef.bbci.co.uk/news/1536/cpsprodpb/1a06/live/a42086d0-2b5e-11ef-bdc5-41d7421c2adf.png.webp

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"Arm the teachers" they said...

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*no profitable answers

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I'm glad it's archived. It's horrifying to watch, but still a fraction of the kind of horror happening to Palestinians. Respect and RIP.

This guy earns the title of "Most American Cop" for pulling a gun on a charred fucking corpse.

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Bill & Ted. Be excellent to each other!

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Ahoy, mateys

I've seen some concert footage on YouTube that's been upscaled via "AI", and some of the examples look incredible.

Is it possible to upscale the video content I've acquired? I have a few series that look to have been recorded on VHS tapes crammed with dirt.

Opinions & ideation are welcome. Mostly curious whether it's feasible.

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First, it robs the creator of their income

... you mean the creators that are currently striking because massive companies Disney, Netflix, and Co don't want to pay them a living wage?

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S02E01 - A Flight to Remember 👆

S03E05 - Amazon Women in the Mood 👇

I love this show.

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The FDA banned Red Dye 3 ~30 years ago... for cosmetics. Can't put it in makeup, but food? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Gotta wonder how much money it took to make the FDA look the other way.

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