[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 9 points 3 hours ago

So when do we slam him back?

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 1 points 3 hours ago

Pour it in a jar. Wait for it to cool a little (but not enough to solidify) then dump it in the trash.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 6 points 4 days ago

So AOC is clearly talking about Pelosi then. That is almost shockingly unsurprising.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 17 points 5 days ago

I can just taste the fumble and 90+ yard run back Touchdown.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 85 points 1 month ago

Seconded. Literally have never seen it spelled mat.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 56 points 2 months ago

Per the linked article.

"Gun trace data is kept out of public view by a rider to a Congressional bill known as the “Tiahrt Amendment,” passed in 2003 to shield gun shops from scrutiny. Each year, the ATF provides a count of the guns recovered in Mexico that had been bought in the U.S., with no further details."

Nothing to do with the Mexican govt. The US govt passed a law in 2003 to prevent gun sale data from being public record. This includes sales of firearms eventually used in armed conflicts in Mexico.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 82 points 2 months ago

Nice, a Lemmy post of a picture of a Tumblr post citing reddit for a completely bogus fact. We truly are using all of our brains these days.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 59 points 2 months ago

Yeah, and me being a fucking idiot proves it more.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 122 points 4 months ago

I live not five minutes away from the Key bridge and the sound of this woke me up last night. My GF takes this bridge to work every day. Driving through the city now for her every morning is going to be fucking awful.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 77 points 4 months ago

You're assuming these people believe we even send things to space. I had a serious ass conversation recently with my father's roommate. Typical conspiracy theorist ding dong. Full on flat earther and everything. I asked him how he thinks GPS works if the earth was flat. He admitted he didn't know but then when I started to explain how it works by pinging satellites we put up in space he cut me off and said space isn't real. Like legitimately thinks space isn't real. He on a separate occasion also complained that we didn't need to wear masks during covid because we apparently make our own viruses in our bodies and viruses don't spread between people.

These people don't even understand how logic works. Let alone that people could be smarter than they are.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 54 points 5 months ago

Yeah, I mean, if someone politely asked another person to stop calling them some phrase or another and they refused they're definitely an asshole. No doubt about it.

In the same token though if someone gets rude and indignant over someone calling them dude one time that person is also an asshole.

We should be treating people with respect. Period.

[-] MeaanBeaan@lemmy.world 112 points 5 months ago

If someone were to take offense to me calling them dude I would absolutely make every effort to stop the behavior. I would never want anyone to feel invalidated over something like that.

That being said I feel like this whole outrage is manufactured to rile people up. I highly doubt many people are getting worked up over it. Dude has very much become a gender neutral term and is even now just used as an exclamation. I'd be willing to bet a large portion, if not the large majority, of the trans community doesn't give a fuck about the term and they probably use it themselves.

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