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My wife's childhood cat was really old when she finally came to live with us in one of our rental places we lived while I was still doing grad studies. We used to close the door bc it was the one room with semi functioning AC, and during the summer we could kind of keep the room a decent temp if we kept the door closed. Anyway, the poor kitty would scratch the door and meow to be let in, and would not stop until we did (she would of course wait until we had fallen asleep first). Anyway, eventually we figured fans and an open widow were easier than being kept awake all night, so the door stayed open. That's when she started the fun new habit of 2am hairballs while sleeping between our heads...

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Missing the swirl option: child befriends zombie, then convinces zombie to commit war crimes. That's the child you must fear the most.

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There was an interesting CBC podcast called Fridge Light, and in one episode the host followed people who had their recipes accepted for commercial sale. Apparently, a big issue is making those recipes generic enough so that they are acceptable to the widest range of consumers. This often means toning down the flavors. So for example, a spicy recipe gets dialed back to the point that even people who find yogurt offensively spicy can eat it. Basically, they bland everything down. There's other factors as well, like the taste from the can, etc.

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Suddenly, there was a terrible roar all around us, and the sky was full of what looked like huge ~~bats~~ parrots, all swooping and screeching and diving around the car, and a voice was screaming: "Holy Jesus. What are these goddamn animals?"

Fear and Loathing in the Pet Store.

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That one yielded some interesting results.

Hamsterassic Park (lemmy.world)

Jurassic Park, but the dinosaurs are hamsters.

Bing AI Image Generator.

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"For those who don’t know, New Year’s in Russia is like Christmas in the west."

So you're saying Putin is the Grinch who stole New Years? That checks.


Just a silly random image of owls nesting in a cactus. Made using Bing AI image generator.

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That's pretty much how my wife and I ended up together. I studied amphibians, she likes amphibians, Yada Yada Yada, married.


Cap'n Crunch sellin in a dark alley way. Those poor kids are lookin a little rough.

Generated using Bing AI.


Just a caterpillar whose spoon is too big for them.

Made using Bing AI.

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A bit of a flawed comic strip due to some taxonomic inaccuracies, but the punchline makes it a favorite for herpetologists.

An XKCD comic: https://xkcd.com/867/

Edit: spelling

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That's Coke brand flour. No responsible AI image generator would let you show spider-man sniff a pile of cocaine.

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Even worse, here in Canada at the Sobeys owned stores, you can opt to use your own reusable bag (plastic grocery bags are now outlawed) but if you do they prompt an employee to come check your bags. They never actually check, but if there isn't an attendant around you just have to wait there until they notice and end the prompt. I waited for 10 minutes the other day because the employee went off for a break or something.

Edit: spelling


Looks like Stark's been a bad influence on him.

(Just messing around with AI image generator trying ways to get around content filters.)


Not quite the rancor I was looking for, but he seems to be reformed and look at what he can do!

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For documenting the accurate number of hours I worked, in a teaching lab. The department head didn't believe that the lab I taught (as a grad student) needed the hours it was given. Keep in mind, I had to do everything for the lab: create the lab manual, design lab activities, get ethics approval, create lab lectures, setup and clean up the lab, and do all the marking.

Turns out, the department used that document to pay me. This was never explained to me, usually we just get paid the set amount of hours, and I was of the understanding that this was just an audit of my hours to justify what I was getting. Turns out I worked about an extra 30% of the hours set for that lab for the semester. As a result, the department couldn't fully pay me until the following year because they didn't have it in their budget to pay for that extra 30%.

I ended up getting an ear full from the department head, but he backed off when I told him I was simply doing what he asked and that I wasn't inflating the numbers to get higher pay, since I had no idea they intended to pay me based on that audit.

Perhaps it's coincidence, or perhaps it was petty revenge, but later that year at gathering of the faculty and grad students he announced that I had won a major scholarship (one that would've paid pretty well for a grad student), and had me stand up in the crowd along with the other winners. Then, immediately after the assembly, he runs up to our lab office to tell me he read the sheet wrong and I hadnt actually won the scholarship, he just read the wrong name. I spent the next few days shamefully having to explain to everyone that, no I didn't get the award.

*edit: spelling mistakes.

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Whimsically terrifying.

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Yeah, he cut holes in their throats so food would fall out and added additional holes along the digestive tract to collect various "gastric juices". He also, apparently, started a business harvesting and selling said juices as a cure for indigestion..... not sure how that worked, seems like it would cause more than it cured.


My friend and I attempted to try to create the most ludacris images with Bing AI image generator. Which led to "Cannibal frogs on vacation". Apparently the ai can't spell, even if you literally give it the words.

There are other images in the series, but this is the least disturbing.


Asked the Bing AI image generator to create "Party Salamander Tshirt". Aside from the spelling mistake, it did not disappoint.


It just isn't the holiday season until Mic Mac Mall pulls out its Woody.

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