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Wicked processor freezing while switching into power saving (idle cpu-modes) modes, workes fine if I disable these, but then it's always on full power

Have tried a lot, is a pain

Well sadly my laptop is not supported for update 🤷

I'll wait for it to day and get a proper Linux supported device:)

Till then, I'll fly my w10

🏆 rule (lemmy.blahaj.zone)

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You are under investigation now

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My dear,

Could you pls add a nsfw tag for this, Ty :)

Best wishes funky-rodent

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My dear, I am sorry if the moderation is not up to your standards. I have a job, It's Easter, I try to celebrate with my family. While some people are, I agree in that l, obnoxious.

You can write Moss if you like to join moderating Best wishes Funky-rodent

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Yo you kids can't behave, I will look this now, it's Easter and I don't want to have this burning here

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Luckily to them "Deutsche Telekom" is in Germany known to be aggressively incompetent.

Their main goal seemed to be to grab as much taxpayer money as possible and make mediocre services out of it, As the "Telekom-Cloud". They try to ride the recent AI wave without having a clue what they are doing I guess

Edit: clou ≠ clue

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Could you please mark this as nsfw?

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LTB Comics! Beste! :)

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Hello :) I love it so much! Haven't realised how much I missed this interface!

Ist there any chance to integrate mod-tools

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Not a massive expense. Turned 500 € into 250€. Learned a lesson nonetheless.

I followed the GameStop (GME) hype to late and halfed my money in 4 easy steps. Follow and don't repeat.

  • invest (feel like robin hood ... hehe)
  • panic (notice why I shouldn't daytrade and why I was in therapy
  • withdraw my money at an awesome 2:1 ratio
  • not fall for internet hype that quicky again and delete my invest account

Hab vorhin einen Artikel über den 79. Jahrestag des Attentates von Stauffenberg auf Hitler gelesen: https://www.belltower.news/staufenberg-deutschland-deine-helden-zwischen-sieg-heil-rufen-und-heiligtumsanspruechen-151137/

Wie habt ihr in der Schule dazu gelernt und was denkt ihr jetzt darüber?

Faking Kinky confidence (lemmy.blahaj.zone)
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Social worker in sexual education and health from Germany

Hobby tech-savy but mainly enthusiastic for tech stuff Aim to do IT to social service translation

Greetings :)

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