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Can't even light my shire after the "Scouring of the Shire" anymore. The hobbits returned from their adventure to a overly bureaucratic shire with pollution and destruction of its old trees.

[-] merari42@lemmy.world 2 points 2 days ago

Welcome to the Nether Realm, a place of wonder and mystery. Enjoy seamless connectivity with Vodafone. If you have a plan with a flat rate for minutes/SMS or data, it does not apply here.

Otherwise, the standard rate applies: outgoing calls to Vodafone numbers 50 ct/min, other numbers 75 ct/min, incoming calls 30 ct/min, SMS to Vodafone numbers 25 ct/SMS, others 40 ct/SMS, data usage 1 EUR/MB. Wi-Fi calls will be charged as international calls from your home country to the Nether Realm.

For more info, contact Vodafone customer service at +44123456789

Your Vodafone Team

O Yea (lemmy.world)
[-] merari42@lemmy.world 8 points 3 days ago

Crocking on heaven's door

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By this logic, Goth girls should not go into economics. They'll just decrease overall welfare by increasing dead weight loss.

[-] merari42@lemmy.world 5 points 3 days ago

Na SpaceX would just use his neuralink chip it to automate the team that keeps Musk distracted from messing with important things in the company with a simple AI

[-] merari42@lemmy.world 62 points 4 days ago

This, but I want the voice command changed to "Go go gadget genitalia"

Heathens! (lemmy.world)
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This is actually why I find a lot of arguments about AI's limitations as stochastic parrots very shortsighted. Language, picture or video models are indeed good at memorizing some reasonable features from their respective domains and building a simplistic (but often inaccurate) world model where some features of the world are generalized. They don't reason per se but have really good ways to look up how typical reasoning would look like.

To get actual reasoning, you need to do what all AI labs are currently working on and add a neuro-symbolic spin to model outputs. In these approaches, a model generates ideas for what to do next, and the solution space is searched with more traditional methods. This introduces a dynamic element that's more akin to human problem-solving, where the system can adapt and learn within the context of a specific task, even if it doesn't permanently update the knowledge base of the idea-generating model.

A notable example is AlphaGeometry, a system that solves complex geometry problems without human demonstrations and insufficient training data that is based on an LLM and structured search. Similar approaches are also used for coding or for a recent strong improvement in reasoning to solve example from the ARC challenge..

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I'd rather take zombie FDR than zombie Teddy Roosevelt

Alfredo Durstoccini (lemmy.world)
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I like Martin Luther's polemic about relics: "How many pieces of the true cross are there in the world? How many thorns from Christ's crown of thorns? How many nails from the crucifixion? There are enough nails to shoe all the horses in Saxony. And if all the relics of the saints were gathered together, there would be enough bones to build a ship and enough wood to boil all the water in the sea."

In that sense it's one of Mary Magdalene's many heads.

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Angelo, the house is on fire! No mother it's just the northern lights

[-] merari42@lemmy.world 42 points 3 months ago

The bikepacking community sometimes feels more like a gear flaunting contest than a fun outdoor sport. Particularly amusing are 90kg men obsessing over a 10kg bike to save weight.

[-] merari42@lemmy.world 138 points 3 months ago

I am all for billionaires facing consequences for their actions. The death penalty is still deeply immoral though. Locking financial criminals up like for example the American state did with Martin Shkreli or Sam Bankman-Fried though is completely o.K. and should happen more often.

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