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I mean that's fair, but for the average users what exactly are they going to need to be touching system wise? All your flatpak stuff is going to be safe.

[-] nanoUFO@sh.itjust.works 1 points 6 hours ago

It's always weird to me to see steam deck support listed first instead of linux. But I guess they really want to make sure Steam deck users know that the game and controls work.

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You are wrong because you can install anything using flathub and that has almost everything anyone would ever need, https://flathub.org/apps/search. I don't own the device myself but it's Arch based so everything should just work?

From Valve themselves: "Currently, this is a stock KDE Plasma experience in terms of installing software. You can use the Discover Software Center (on the taskbar) to install apps. The Discover Software Center installs applications using flatpak technology (more on this below) onto the writeable portion of your drive. If you know your way around a Linux command line you can directly use flatpak commands to install applications. Common browsers, music players, and other kinds of applications are already available via these methods, and we expect that many more will be updated, fixed, and available after launch."

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Because game has microtransactions

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Pretty mid year for egs, more games given away less money spent by users.

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So you don't steal the microtransactions

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NOOOO my games are coming to other devices, the horror.

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Guy put a pokemon mod behind a pateron paywall, he was asking for it. Making a profit off nintendo's IP blatantly.

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More gaslighting by bethesda

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Starfield Frame Generation - Replacing FSR2 with DLSS-G Free version of the same mod not made by a man child that isn't happy making half a million a year.

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Sorry for lying for profit

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