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You got my upvote! Fuck the reddit trope of constantly bringing the same punchline over and over and expecting gold or whatever.

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The more we don't tip the more it becomes normalized. I've stopped tipping all counter service other than bartenders. At first I felt guilty but the more I did it the more it became normal to me.

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I know you're joking but that last paragraph made me throw up in my mouth a little bit

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Guys it's simple they just need to automate AI to read these papers for them to catch if AI language was used. They can automate the entire peer review process /s

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But the direction is certainly heading towards the realm of cable prices...

  • Netflix: $15.49
  • Amazon Prime Video: $14.99
  • Apple TV+: $6.99
  • HBO Max: $15.99
  • Disney+: $10.99
  • Hulu: $14.99

Total: $79.44 per month

So maybe when you account for inflation it is still only half of what cable costs,.perhaps. but those are the cheaper plans. For HDR support for Netflix it's like $25, and it's the reason I cancelled Netflix.

I don't think the meme is dumb, just ahead of it's time, but it's calling out what is certainly happening.

Most streaming services now include ads in the paid subscription.

Inch the ad ratio and prices up another 40% and we are getting pretty close to cable experience/cost. And that's only a few years away when we look at how much costs have raised over the last 10 yrs.

If each service raises price $1/month every year and you have 6 services, then in 5 yrs you're paying $30 more per month, prob around $100+.

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Ok let's poll Lemmy. Upvote me if you can. Downvote me if you can't. I can so I'll keep my own upvote.

Vibe rule (lemmy.world)
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Not to mention the creator of GIF prefers the JIF pronunciation.

It doesn't really matter, but I find the hard g folks have a stick up their ass about it.

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I still left Reddit and unity and haven't returned. Some people do care. Not everyone is indifferent.

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I haven't started laughing yet...

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Real question: what do anarchists expect society to do/become and why is it better?

Nuanced answers only

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Thanks! That's all I was looking for... appreciate you!

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Elon putting a spotlight over his own bad press


I do like large gatherings, but I don't really do well meeting people and making friends in them. I find it too chaotic and difficult to "be myself" with so many people. I also feel there tends to be more shallow conversation in these settings making it great for banter and social energy but less great for connecting and getting to know new folks.

I am looking to meet new people to be friends, as in capital F friend, not just a random person I know. Someone who wants to hit me up and go do something fun, check in on me and see how I'm doing, etc.

How do you go about meeting people and finding social settings that foster deeper connections?

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