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Honestly, this graph was able to make me understand why such a small country like the Netherlands was able to colonise the Netherlands

Levels of delusion (lemmy.world)
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Despite getting three reports I won't take action against Ulph. They don't seem to be a troll. I don't believe in removing proples comments just because they are morons

Lemmy users be like (lemmy.world)
High suspense (lemmy.world)
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Wtf. Why didn't you mention the cringe lord emperor striker?!

Edit: using my mod powers to get attention.

Boochi for Pakistan (lemmy.world)
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I am pretty sure you can feel when you are about to cum regardless of circumcision status. That's just how dicks Work. Ya know

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Labelling Antifa as a terrorist group is basically admitting you are a fascist.

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Disconnected 2023 is an American computer animated comedy movie produced by Pixar Animation Studios for Walt Disney Pictures. It features the voices of Ryan Reynolds, Nicholas Cage, Jeffery Tambor, Chris Pratt, Danny Devito and Burt Young in his last role.

This flim centers on four men who die during an explosive decompression of a commercial submersible viewing the Titanic. Their souls join those on the Titanic as they learn to adapt to an afterlife with spirts from another century.

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Yup. It definitely feels like over time the human element of the Internet has been replaced by a corporate one. The most blatant example I can think of is youtube. Nowadays it's so obvious rigged in the favour of already established media and a select few content creators.

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I would like to extend my sincerest apologies to all of the users here who liked lemmy shit posting. I feel like I let the situation grow too out of control before getting help. Don't worry I am not quitting. I fully intend on staying around. The other two deserted the community but I won't. Dm me If you wish to apply for mod.

Sincerest thanks to the admin team for dealing with this situation. I wish I linked in with you all earlier.

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This op doesn't specify which time zone. This is terrifying because that means I could sort by new at any time and it would be the cursed 3am that op mentions. Is that the true terror of this meme?

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Ever since I quit reddit I have become irrestable to the opposite sex. I've gotten so many bitches.

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I am fine with the place settling for a bit. It would suck if this place was as big as other sites are overnight. I want to watch this place grow over time

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This isn't mildlyinfuriating, this is terrifying

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