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[-] Son_of_dad@lemmy.world 46 points 2 weeks ago

We Canadians thank you for your service in killing O'Leary

[-] PP_BOY_@lemmy.world 11 points 2 weeks ago

Kevin O'Leary, the murderer?

[-] Boozilla@lemmy.world 10 points 2 weeks ago


bash bash bash

[-] Xanthrax@lemmy.world 34 points 2 weeks ago

The shark next to him, "Hmmmmm, I like it. I'll give you this gum rapper for 51% of the company."

[-] TheColonel@reddthat.com 21 points 2 weeks ago

Damn, the poses on that last panel are fantastic.

[-] Classy@sh.itjust.works 1 points 2 weeks ago

So much energy

[-] timelighter@lemmy.world 15 points 2 weeks ago

Being beaten to a bloody pulp is fine and dandy, but how am I going to earn my money back?

[-] agent_flounder@lemmy.world 6 points 2 weeks ago

I mean, the Shark Smasher 7000 kind of sells itself at that point.

[-] TubeTalkerX@kbin.social 9 points 2 weeks ago

The Pet Rock for the fast pace of this generation!

[-] Jaysyn@kbin.social 3 points 2 weeks ago* (last edited 2 weeks ago)

I'd watch this.

[-] ThatWeirdGuy1001@lemmy.world 1 points 2 weeks ago

I'm missing something here I can tell I just have no idea what it is

[-] Pratai@lemmy.ca -3 points 2 weeks ago
[-] doublejay1999@lemmy.world 19 points 2 weeks ago

Only if you are entertained by idea of blood sucking vampires getting their face smashed to a bloody pulp .

I’m here for it.

[-] MotoAsh@lemmy.world 6 points 2 weeks ago

More satisfying than funny.

[-] madcaesar@lemmy.world 5 points 2 weeks ago

It's alight.

[-] bdonvr@thelemmy.club 5 points 2 weeks ago

Beating the ultra wealthy with a rock is entertaining, if not funny.

[-] GustavoM@lemmy.world 1 points 2 weeks ago

As someone whom is used to trash talk and throw one-liners mostly of the time... this is at the same level of jumping in the middle of a crowd and screaming "I just farted."

[-] ElfWord@lemmy.world -5 points 2 weeks ago

It's funny because he's not nice on TV to people asking him for money so it's okay to murder him amirite

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