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[-] atocci@lemmy.world 74 points 4 days ago* (last edited 4 days ago)

Looks like a screenshot from the old Samsung Messages app, the default SMS app on the Galaxy S3 or something. I remember it looking exactly like that.

Found a screenshot. Not quite an exact match but I can definitely see the look they were going for.

[-] BmeBenji@lemm.ee 52 points 4 days ago

iMessage? Or is this some Grindr joke

[-] originalfrozenbanana@lemm.ee 52 points 4 days ago

Almost certainly a Grindr joke I’d guess. Quick! Grindr users confirm for us non-Grindr users!

[-] DaGeek247@fedia.io 45 points 4 days ago

Colors are on the wrong side for grindr. Galaxy guy is probably right.

[-] botorfj@lemdro.id 23 points 4 days ago

old samsung sms app

[-] key@lemmy.keychat.org 28 points 4 days ago

The touchscreen works through his suit? Does that mean his entire suit is non-insulating or did he add in capacitive fingertips to enable texting?

[-] TachyonTele@lemm.ee 41 points 4 days ago

He clings to walls through his suit.

[-] fallingcats@discuss.tchncs.de 8 points 4 days ago* (last edited 4 days ago)

Touch usually works through such thing clothes, but many phones have a glove or screen protector mode with increased touch sensitivity

[-] BreadOven@lemmy.world 18 points 4 days ago

Had this on a couple older galaxy phones. Identical default colour scheme and everything.

[-] edinbruh@feddit.it 9 points 4 days ago

On a Galaxy S3

[-] mr_satan 8 points 4 days ago

You're overthinking it…

[-] tux0r@feddit.org 7 points 4 days ago

Looks like Green_Enkidu is the sus here.

[-] tkk13909@sopuli.xyz 7 points 4 days ago
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