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Press X (formerly Twitter) to Doubt

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I heard about that too. The technology produced there is too valuable to be left to invaders.

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You can be against an immediate global threat without being against better conditions for your country. One does not exclude the other. Nuance and priority.

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It wasn’t until they ported about 70% of Skyrim Together’s revered code to the Starfield project, though, that they bumped into a problem: “This game is fucking trash.”

“I didn't realize this until after I actually started playing the damn game a week after launch,” they say. “The game is boring, bland, and the main draw of Bethesda games, exploration in a lively and handcrafted world, was completely gone.

The modder started working on it before playing the game. It's kind of funny in a way, but also cool that they wanted to give people multiplayer ASAP.

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Just because the dude wants to rule as God on earth doesn't mean you can't have a nuanced, neutral view on him! /s

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There will be tales of the mysterious stranger who gifted the party arcane knowledge before vanishing in the blink of an eye...

As the young adventurers rushed to their guild, ready to share the treasure they were handed by the kind traveller, they could hear seven canaries singing happily.

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Is this... Is this real?

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This is an incredibly sad picture

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Ah, nostalgic! I loved the Firefox OS! I even preached about it to family and friends. Good times.

Unfortunately it never felt like a finished product.

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A single row of ads would be ok, but having this many plus an ad showing up first, where the search results should be... Oof

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Every time I see this sign I feel disgusted

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