True, I feel like I'd just continously slip and fall like a looney tunes character trying to get out

Put them on a mission to Jupiter in a ship controlled by a human-like computer. The crew is in suspended animation, and after experiencing an error the computer kills their partner and the entire crew. They are left with no choice but to deactivate the computer, whereupon they learn that the mission has a mysterious hidden objective.

Imagine filling a hot tub with ramen and then taking a dip

Physically would be better, but then there's a lot more at stake

Noodles rule (

Sorry, I was just fatigued from all the serious comments I was getting. For the record, you are right, and I do agree that our current system sucks. The US is the prison capital of the world.

But we stay silly.

Are you shrooming? Are we seriously extrapolating this from a shitpost? Lol, lmao even

Obviously my post is not serious, but while there are certainly valid reasons not to pay taxes (e.g., Thoreau not wanting to support a system that was set on expanding slave states), in our current system I think it's in pretty bad taste for someone who's living comfortably not to contribute to systems that help the less fortunate. It's definitely a complicated issue though.

Anyway, I'm not living comfortably and have nothing to invest, nor do I have money to pay a rich lawyer to fanagle my way out of legal trouble, so it's a non-starter for me.

If you're living comfortably, then why not just pay the tax?

I've always been confused why the IRS requires us to send weekly nudes

I become more disillusioned of our system and therefore increasingly more radical as I grow older.

Granted, I've never lived in a protective suburban bubble where I can stick my head in the sand and pretend that the world's biggest problem is charcoal or propane.

Burnout rule (

Go, little snail, go 🐌

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Another old picture from my phone. No idea of the source.

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