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We only have tricera-bottoms here.

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I read master chief too...

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Real audiophiles love sounding.

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Totally stole it. Credit to original creator but I honestly don't know who that is

Whistleblower (lemmy.world)


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I am not trying to be edgy. Just a very recent revelation..I didn't know until that movie that Elvis was dating a 14 year old. So the only progress in this scenario we made as humanity from Mohammed to Elvis was one year. I guess that's progress?

But honestly, reading the lyrics of classic rock has really really hindered my ability to listen to some of my favorite bands.

Just a light example. The Animals. Love. Don't let me me misunderstood.... Comes off as domestic abuse apologist. Maybe I'm way off. I'll show myself out.

Warning (lemmy.world)


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I don't really see the point of being mean. Most humans want sex. Just move on to those that want it with you. It's not a rejection. Just a mismatch.

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That customer is missing y'all.

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I very much enjoy the lifestyle that comes with it. It's less stress overall. And it's not exactly a fun place (current state of the world) for me to want to bring a mini me into.

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Aa shitposting, this is hilarious. Given some comments though... It's funny. People think this is a new thing. It's just more in your face due to ubiquitous network we live in today. It has always been thus. Or did you think kinks just started after the Internet?

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Worship and prayers


This morning, woke up in time to wait for this moment. First time in Morocco and it's been amazing!

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I've seen a few Sanskrit ones. Nothing drastic in real life, thankfully. I find the Chinese ones much more hilarious.

Had a friend in college legit get ancient Chinese calligraphy. Absolutely beautiful. But my international center buddy told me separately it just meant window. It was supposed to be this heavenly view or some such thing. No. It was window.

sass overload (lemmy.world)

I did not make this

Smoke filled sunset (lemmy.world)

From my window.. picture is about a month old. WA state wildfire smoke rolled in and late afternoon looked like this.

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Honestly, I was already using FF for my home. Made the switch on Mobile after seeing this on the news yesterday. I'm just one person though.

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